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Here are a few recent USTaxAid Services Success Stories:

Wrong Tax Election Costs Them Thousands

The Smiths (not their real name) own businesses in multiple locations and own the buildings that the businesses are in as well. That’s a smart wealth-building strategy. In fact, in today’s tax world that’s about the only way you’re going to get good deductions for your real estate.
Their previous CPA had them set up 4 LLCs (limited liability companies). That’s also smart because they are able to separate out their assets. But that’s when the plan went strange. They somehow ended up with default taxation (partnership taxation) for the two entities that owned the business and a default taxation (partnership) and S Corporation election for the real estate.
That meant that the business income was subject to self-employment tax. They had a loss to partially offset their normally high income and so the extra cost was only $12,000 in 2007. Luckily we caught it in 2008. We’ll make a late election for the LLC and save them over $50,000 in 2008.

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Business Structures Didn’t Grow With Business

There is a 5 cycle lifecycle with businesses. Some businesses may skip one step, or pass through it very quickly, and some businesses, just like people, never really grow up and remain happily small and hands on.

As the business progresses through each of these stages, the business structures must change too. Many CPAs are so busy with tax compliance that they never get the opportunity to actually step back and look at where their clients are right now and what the short term and long term future look like for their client.

That’s what had happened to Bud and Sarah. Their business had a great strategy for a beginning business, but did not recognize the additional asset protection requirements and higher income they now had in their business.

Additionally, they had IP sitting on the shelf and were missing a huge opportunity to convert some active income into passive income.

Within one month, we had reduced their taxes by over $30,000 by making a few simple changes. The total cost to Bud and Sarah was less than $7,000 and they were able to recognize a full $30,000 in savings for 2008. In today’s world of uncertainty and stock and real estate losses, they were happy to see that type of ROI (return on investment)!

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