Real Estate Accountant in a Box

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Over time, you’ll spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your real estate investments. How much are you willing to do to protect them?

There are three main reasons to invest in real estate:

  • Passive Income
  • Appreciation
  • Tax Benefits

Protect yourself and your investments, by putting experience and strategy on your side.

We’ve helped lots of real estate investors just like you, in good times and in bad times. And right now, we’re offering you a solution that could save thousands in expert fees. You can have your VERY OWN Real Estate Accountant to protect your assets, ensure your record-keeping is what you need and that you’ve legally taken the best tax deductions without risking the wrath of the IRS.

The Real Estate Accountant in a Box includes 10 products and two bonus product. Each product has been selected to give you maximum information and valuable tools to protect yourself and your real estate investments. You’ll get:

  • Tax & Asset Protection Quick Start Guide
  • The Right Business Structure for You
  • The IRS Survival Guide for Real Estate Professionals
  • The Operation Guide for LLCs with Real Estate Investments
  • Tax Implication of Real Estate Losses
  • Tax Benefits From Your Home
  • Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors
  • The Distressed Realty Survival Guide
  • Series LLC: The Ultimate in Business Structure Flexibility
  • Easy Accounting for Real Estate Investors

We’ll also include three more products, as a special bonus!

  • Bonus #1: Quick Tricks to Track Expenses
  • Bonus #2: Two Live Coaching Sessions with Diane Kennedy, CPA

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That’s one price, for hundreds of pages of written material, hours of accompanying audio files, and dozens of customized, useable forms. Plus you’ll get instant access to just about everything on the list. These are digital products, designed to be downloadable immediately after your purchase (except for Tax-Free Real Estate Investments, which will ship via US Priority Mail the next day).

Don’t let this offer slip by. Get your solid foundation to safe real estate investing and asset protection today. When you order your own personal Real Estate Accountant in a Box, you will immediately receive your own copy of:

Tax & Asset Protection Quick Start Guide Take the quick self-assessment test to look at your business like an accounting or legal expert would. What do you need to concentrate on first? What are your biggest areas to improve on? Focus on what you need to do now to avoid getting overwhelmed with all of the information your Real Estate Accountant in a Box will provide.

The Right Business Structure for You Are you using the right business structure? Have you outgrown your old structure and need to make some changes? Are you getting all the deductions you’re entitled to? Master the basics of business structure planning. Learn the three questions to ask before you begin your structure plans.

The IRS Survival Guide for Real Estate Professionals Over the past few years, hundreds, or even thousands, of taxpayers received IRS audit notices. Why? Because they were claiming a special, powerful real-estate related tax deduction, called “Real Estate Professional” status.

Can you imagine walking into a sports arena with your team and knowing every play the opposing team was going to make, when and even better, the perfect defense for every play they would make.

That’s what it’s like to have the IRS Auditor Handbook, along with the step-by-step instructions of what you need to have, need to do and need to report.

Learn the real red flags that trigger audits.

Learn how to meet the IRS’s tough new standards

Learn the one mistake that most tax preparers make that could cost you $20,000, $30,000 and even more in taxes, penalties and interest.

The Operation Guide for LLCs with Real Estate Investments

The Operation Guide for LLCs with Real Estate Investments is your guide to planning, implementing and operating your own Limited Liability Company in a way that complies with the new, tougher IRS Rules.

You’ll learn:

  • The three stages of successfully setting up and running an LLC designed to hold real estate investment properties.
  • How to avoid IRS traps.
  • The questions you need to ask before creating your LLC’s Operating Agreement.
  • The steps you need to take to make sure your LLC is properly formed and operating as a separate legal entity.
  • When and how Annual Meetings are held, and a special tax secret!

In addition to the 100+ page Manual, you also get a zip file loaded with 38 fill-in, customizable forms for your LLC. We’ve even included a full Operating Agreement, with language specially tailored to individuals who want to claim the full tax breaks available to real estate investors who materially participate in operating their properties.

Tax Implications of Real Estate Losses

Tax losses can actually mean money in your pocket, if you do them right. In this concise, informative audio product, Diane will explain how to make sure a real estate loss is set up in the best way possible when it comes to your taxes.

Learn how to:

  • Make one change to your vacation home that could create thousand in tax losses you can use right now, (Module 3)
  • Avoid a big tax mistake with a short sale (Module 8)
  • Use three questions to determine tax treatment for any real estate loss (Module 9)
  • Turn your real estate into a business for big tax breaks (Module 2)
  • And a dozen other tips in this easy-to-follow program audio program

Tax Implications of Real Estate Losses includes ten modules:

  • Module #1: The 8 Types of Real Estate Losses, in the Eyes of the IRS
  • Module #2: Tax Implications of Loss When Real Estate is a Business
  • Module #3: Tax Implications of Loss for Rental Real Estate In Service
  • Module #4: Tax Implications of Loss for Investment Properties
  • Module #5: Tax Implications of Loss on Sale of Rental Real Estate
  • Module #6: Tax Implications of Loss on Sale of Principal Residence
  • Module #7: Strategies for Maximizing Your Real Estate Losses
  • Module 8: Tax Implications of Debt Forgiveness
  • Module 9: Summary so far
  • NEW INFORMATION! Module 10: Update on IRS Material Loss Participation Changes

Plus you’ll get an Executive Summary of what you need to know NOW.

Tax Benefits From Your Home

Your home may be your castle, as the saying goes, but are you getting all the tax breaks you should?

The real estate crash changed the situation for a lot of home owners, even putting their home equity loan deductibility at risk.

Learn how to:

  • Master the complex mortgage interest rules,
  • Legally change a vacation home albatross into a tax deduction dream,
  • Protect your hard-fought equity in your home against creditors or bad guys and their lawyers,
  • Use the new 2 out of 5 year gain exclusion changes to your advantage, and
  • More!

Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Comprehensive written course plus audio files. We cover how to:

  • Pay little or no tax if you have to dump bad real estate,
  • Use a cost segregation study, and when you should,
  • Legally and safely take the Real Estate Professional deduction,
  • Avoid Real Estate Developer penalties,
  • Invest with your pension funds, and
  • Use other real estate strategies to put more money in your pocket.

There is a reason why the nation’s richest always invest in real estate. Discover the tax breaks you can use right now, in the New Economy.

The Distressed Realty Survival Guide

If you’ve gone through any debt issues relating to your home or investment property, there are 7 terms you need to become familiar with:

  • Form 1099-A
  • Form 1099-C
  • Form 982
  • Loan Modification
  • Short Sale
  • Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure

There are procedures that banks and mortgage companies are supposed to follow when taking back a home or negotiating a deal with you to walk away from an upside down piece of real estate. The problem is, many people working at these companies and banks don’t know the rules, don’t follow the rules and won’t answer the phone when you call to find out what’s going on.

Series LLC: The Ultimate in Flexibility

Detailed written material with multiple audio files. People all over are talking about this powerful and flexible new business structure. A Series LLC is especially well suited to real estate investors. Learn:

  • How the Series LLC works
  • When you can and can’t use a Series LLC
  • Best Series LLC states
  • Case Studies and examples of the Series LLC in action
  • What the IRS thinks about the Series LLC

You get top-notch asset protection at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for multiple LLCs. One structure, unlimited possibilities.

Easy Accounting for Real Estate Investors

If you’re a successful real estate investor, then you know how important it is to keep good records. Fail to do this and you could looking at extra taxes and risk.

In this program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Properly record expenses and purchases for maximum deduction
  • Keep good documentation to protect your properties
  • Track the right kind of records
  • Use QuickBooks for your real estate, with all the advantages available to do you
  • Correctly account for transactions
  • BONUS! We’ll give you sample Chart of Accounts you can use for QuickBooks right now so you get started on the right foot.

Bonus #1: Quick Tricks to Track Expenses
60 Minute Audio of dozens of tricks you can use to track your expenses and meet the record-keeping requirements of your real estate investments.

Bonus #2: Two Coaching Sessions with Diane Kennedy
You’ll receive a sign-up invitation to enroll in 2 sessions of our bi-monthly Coaching Program

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