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“I have had the pleasure of knowing Diane Kennedy, CPA on a professional level for more than twenty years. In that time we have conferred on various tax issues, discussed tax research, and generally E-mailed to one another for support in our similar endeavors. I have read two of Diane’s books, numerous articles, blogs, and E-mails. I have participated in many teleseminars. She is a valued colleague and mentor. With the ever-changing tax laws, sometimes on an annual basis, Diane has stayed on top of the changes, temporary regulations, congressional bills, and the numerous special-interest suggestions that come and go on a daily basis. In addition, with the changing real estate market and economy, Diane has been diligent in searching for both the tax opportunities and pitfalls. I would like to thank you, Diane, for everything that you have taught me. I will continue to expand my knowledge just knowing I can read another article, blog or E-mail that continues to be written by you. Here is to your continued success in the turbulent business of taxes and real estate.” Byron G, CPA, Reno, NV

“‘Before You File!’ made me think about possible tax strategies that I can and should explore, and consider forming a business!” Brenda N., San Diego, CA

“Knowledge is Power. I read the email updates frequently and always find interesting content. I have a wide spectrum of investments and businesses. As I continue to expand and grow my portfolio, I have more to lose. It’s easy to always put liability protection on the backburner. It’s crucial for me to start with a good foundation so I can continue to grow and minimize my risk of a potential disaster from lack of planning.” Phil L.”"The biggest ‘a-ha’ I got from this event was how extremely knowledgeable Diane is. I need a mentor for creating wealth, and while I’m willing to take steps, I’m not always sure what steps to take!” D. Bronaugh, Overland Park, KS

“Thanks for boiling all of this information down into an easy-to-understand presentation!” Dave N., Oceanside, CA

“I came to the event to learn new things. The biggest ‘aha’s I got were the new tax deductions and that I want to focus on changing my income stream to passive income!” Sherman H., Oxnard, CA

“I came to the event to learn how to manage my finances better. I’ve read many of your books and been a member of the website. This seminar really helped me to fill in some gaps.” LaJon J.

“Knowledge is Power. I’m excited to have made contact with someone that truly knows what she’s talking about. I’m tremendously encouraged and excited to have found you.” Marjorie S, Indiana

“Inspired me to get back in the game of building a business. I’ve been shell-shocked since the real estate blast.” Tiffany K, Los Angeles, CA

“I came to the event to learn about the many tax changes. My big win was learning about the trust sandwich concept and how I can use a Solo 401(k) plan to avoid UBIT. And, I totally appreciate how approachable everyone is!” Sylvia C., El Sobrante, CA

“I feel like our businesses and our financial situation will finally get off the plateau we’ve been on and move up at least two levels!” Sally D.

“Awesome information on business structures!” Amy B., San Diego, CA

“Attended your call today regards to IRS audits, and was very impressed with the seminar - really good information and very clearly presented.” Martin W.

“Thank you for the overview of the recent legislation regarding taxes, stimulus, etc. Very informative and stimulating of ideas that could give me a reason to become a client.” Ben

“I rely on your information all the time - it is current and great.” Cathaleen C.

“I bought the ‘Business Structures for 2009′ because I am starting a new business and need advice how to structure it. I very much appreciate your expertise and experience, the program is packed with the great info.” Helena H., Seattle, WA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can see why everyone raves about your work. I downloaded the layered structures program, read a bunch of it last night and it really gave me the big picture of how structures work together.” Philip M.

“Diane - I really had a great weekend at your event…thank you for creating it!!! I met high level people, I got good information, had a couple A-ha moments and really enjoyed myself.” Ken S.

“I just finished reading the ‘Tax Free Investing In Real Estate’ and it was just the information I needed. Again, I love that the book is easy to read and packed full of useful information. This is the second book I have ordered and each time I have gotten exactly what I needed. Thanks to Diane for her knowledge.” Bonita G.

“We’d spend long HOURS on the internet looking for the answers that Diane so easily and clearly provided.” A Happy Customer

“Thank you very much. It’s great to have this forum, tell everybody about a problem your having and get inundated with solutions. I really appreciate your direct help with this matter and the fact that you created the forum in the first place. Thanks a lot.” V.L.

“I also want to thank you for this forum, reading what the members post has been a true inspiration to me! When I feel a little overwhelmed, I log on and really get the ‘kick in the bottom’ I need to go on…this forum has high energy and I am grateful to be a part of it. Sincerely,.” Virginia

“I am going to continue to educate myself (the forum is such a great resource reading through old posts) and try and continue to work with everyone here (Including Diane) and quite possibly (if I can afford it) hire one of the highly talented firms on the boards here to help me sort all this out.” Michael R

“Diane, I’m a new subscriber to FCL and love all the informative content on your site.” Buckeye32

“Diane, I love this forum format…where else could we be getting this kind of information and help!!!!!” Mary S.

“I must say I really love this forum! The amount of information in the forums are invaluable and are certainly worth more than the cost of membership! I have been struggling with this question for about a week now, and asked some local SCORE advisers, but didn’t get a really solid answer. Don’t get me wrong they are a great organization and a great help, but I guess I should have posted the question here first.” Papa5b6f

“Yes, having parties at home is our favorite tax deduction. Ok, was our favorite deduction. The wine fridge now wins the prize. Hadn’t thought of that. TLV Group’s rent just went up Love this forum.” LisaMini

“Hi, First off, let me say that Diane, I really love the new forum format! This is really cool. I wanted to get some thoughts about a business opportunity that seems too good to be true.” Bdaniels

“Hello Diane, Last December I decided I needed more so I joined your lounge and have been a member for two weeks now. I just love everything this site offers. I’ve been getting your newsletters a couple of years and have really enjoyed the information and can’t tell you how many of your tips I applied in my businesses. Just want to give you my thanks.” Virginia T.

“I surely thank Richard for telling me about the (First Class Lounge) Forum. You’re the information booth from business heaven.” Biv70

“I flew to Phoenix, AZ and the first thing I did was go to my first mastermind. Before this, I didn’t even knew what a mastermind was! I didn’t said much, since it was my first time in one and I didn’t knew the people there, all successful business owners hand-picked by Diane. There we discussed about our businesses and ways to improve them. From that point, I’ve been out of my comfort zone, and loving it!” J.M.

“There is so much I got from this - great information (Diane, you’re such a wealth of knowledge) and phenomenal people to mastermind with who are so similar in mindset and personality. The is THE BEST seminar I’ve been to and I attended 7-10 in 2007 alone. I am so grateful to you for touching my life in such a special way with this seminar and by just being who you are - Diane, you are AWESOME…you inspire me beyond words. Please let me know what I can do to help you! I want to learn more so I can pass it on to others. I, too, believe in abundance!” Lana K., Fairview OR

“New relationships…new ideas…groups to brainstorm with and new motivation…Challenges…more focused on the next step. Excited about the Master Mind Groups.” Chris G., Aledo, TX

“I have a much clearer picture of how good strategies in business could serve me. Also, I got a great group of people to mastermind with and came away with some great suggestions for possible businesses I can create.” Julie T., Flagstaff, AZ

“This felt like Christmas morning - I received so many great ideas that felt like Christmas gifts. I went back to my room afterwards and turned over each new idea. It was like many Christmas gifts - that will keep on giving. Truly a tremendous, inspiring event…thank you, thank you, thank you!” Vicki A., Rolling Hills Estates, CA

“Diane, you have made (saved) me tons of money over the last 5 or 6 years through your books, recordings and First Class Lounge. It was my pleasure to finally meet you and participate in your seminar. The things I learned and the people I met will continue to change and improve my financial and personal situations. God Bless you, David and Richard in your Mexico projects!” Greg M., Camden, IN

“The association with wonderful ‘up’ people…the vision to ‘think’ and explore new ideas!” Diane N., Carmel Valley, CA

“I learned to look at and manage my income from a different perspective. It’s like looking from the outside in and seeing the bigger picture. This is going to impact my financial future immensely in a positive way…it has widened my vision.” Denice R., Los Angeles, CA

“‘From this day forward’ is what my husband & I have decided to use as our mantra. We will move forward with the mindset of abundance and finally create the time and really attend to the structure and lifework we have committed ourselves to. Thank you so much for the inspirational ‘push’.” Deborah S., San Rafael, CA

“I’m looking for like-minded people who are actively working on e-ventures…and I was pleased to find them here.” Joanie M., Fountain, CO

“Networking…networking…networking…” Daphne L., Madison, GA

“An entirely new perspective…new possibilities…I loved every minute!” Christine H., Lakeport, CA

“I received contacts, resource affirmation and made new friends. I can take all that I learned and apply it to my business, improve efficiency and create more with less!” Andrea O., Covina, CA

“I learned to take action rather than do continuous research (from the game situation). I learned that working with others can be a very positive experience. I learned that perhaps I need to have a paradigm shift when looking for real estate investment property.” Sandi B., Raleigh, NC

“I would like to say thank you for your great books and web site . Both are filled with a wealth of information. I first purchased your book ‘Loopholes of the Rich’ back in 2003 or 2004, some where in that time period. I always refer to that time as the time I woke up. I had read other books before but nothing that put everything into perspective as that book did. In previous books I read that real estate was the way to go, in others I read individuals should start their own business’s, but I really never understood how it all fit together until reading that book, and that was the day I woke up. It hit me like a ton of bricks. All of these different ideas had been circulating in my head but nothing that integrated and explained the ideas in a straight forward. Anyway, thanks again.” Jon

“Thank you for writing from the heart. You challenged me today, supported my dream and reinforced my courage.” Glen Ellis