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I always wondered if anyone ever read these things. Now, I know.

Diane Kennedy, CPA

I’m Diane Kennedy, CPA. If you Google my name, I’m the CPA Diane Kennedy, not the Mexican cookbook author Diana Kennedy, the autism author Diane Kennedy Pike nor the Canadian fashion designer Diane Kennedy.

I’ve written a dozen or so books and had the fortune of hitting the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Business West best seller lists with some of them. That’s even more remarkable because my books are about tax, accounting and investing. They aren’t your typical beach books.

What I like most, though, is educating my clients about the tax game. It really is a game, with adversaries, coaches, opponents, rules and goals. And it can be a different experience for everyone who plays it. Maybe you’ve got a set-up so that you’re okay now, but you’re just waiting for one thing to happen and then you’ve got a catastrophe.

That one thing could be a change in business, an IRS letter or a lawsuit. Just one thing goes wrong, and you’ve lost everything.

Tax GameOr, maybe you’re playing the game with strategy. You make moves that grow your wealth, increase your cash flow and reduce your #1 expense – taxes. That’s the game I like. It’s a tax game you can win. You’ll protect your assets, increase your cash flow and pay less taxes. And sleep at night, knowing you’re protected with a solid strategy.

My Dad was a serial entrepreneur. He’d buy failing businesses, then moving the whole family to the new town. We’d all work in the business. He’d sell it for a big profit and we went on to the next deal. He kept the extra money to invest in real estate.

I learned the power of having your own business from my Dad. And I learned that you keep some of your wealth in real estate. That’s why I support business owners and real estate investors. It’s a plan that I know can succeed.

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