2020 Hot New Tax Break is an Online Business

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In 2020, Macy’s announced they would be closing 125 stores. It’s just one more major chain that’s closing down or drastically curtailing their bricks and mortar locations.

Online business is taking over more and more of the retail business.

I started my first online business 20 years ago. It’s going through a lot of changes, and a lot of different websites, but it’s still around.

Is it time for you to start your own?

I’ve been on a kick for years about the need for everyone to have a business. If you have a business, you’ll pay less tax. That was true years ago and then we got tax reform.

Guess what? The tax breaks are even better for businesses now!

The reasons people gave me for not having a business in the past were often 1 of 4 possibilities: no money, no knowledge, too much risk and no time.

Online businesses have blown away most of those excuses.

No money? You can start a business TONIGHT with no money.

No knowledge? You can make a business out of the fact you have no knowledge. (Seriously.)

Too much risk? With no money and no debt, the only risk is that you may end up with a lot of money and less tax and not know how to spend it all.

No time? I tackled that objection this past week in my Facebook group https://web.facebook.com/groups/DianeKennedysUSTaxGroup/?ref=bookmarks

You can literally start an online business tonight. You’ll be on the path to making money and you’ll immediately begin paying less tax. As we mentioned elsewhere don’t forget to add an affiliate link or show a way that you are IN business.

During the next coaching session, I’m going to tackle online tax loopholes. These are LEGAL tax breaks for online businesses. There are over 101 of them in this Home Study Course. It’ll be on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, on 2/19/2020 at 5 pm Pacific.

If you don’t have an online business, I really recommend you start one. Today. Even if you have a regular bricks and mortar business, you can make more money and get more tax breaks with an online business.

If you’re not sure how to start, please check out the Steps to Success on https://web.facebook.com/groups/DianeKennedysUSTaxGroup/?ref=bookmarks. Every week or so, I’ll post another step. If you’ve got a question or concern about starting, please drop me a note in that FB group.

Once you get your online business going you can start taking deductions. That’s what the 101 Online Business Loopholes Home Study Course is all about.

The full Home Study Course, “101 Online Business Loopholes Home Study Course” will soon be available for sale on the US Tax Aid shopping page.

By far, the best deal is to sign up for coaching now. You’ll get this home study course, plus the last 3 months of home study courses and you can attend the live coaching sessions, or listen to the recording later.

Don’t have an online business yet? Go to https://web.facebook.com/groups/DianeKennedysUSTaxGroup/?ref=bookmarks

Already have an online business? Go to https://www.ustaxaid.com/coaching-program/

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