3.7 Million Americans Are Losing Their Jobs for Good

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CNN has noted that the Department of Labor projected that a total of 3.7 million American jobs were gone for good by the end of June. There could be even more before this is over. 

Where did the jobs go?  

There are 40 – 50 million unemployed Americans now. Most of those jobs will come back, but there are a significant number, 3.7 million that won’t be coming back. 

What happened?  

Uber happened. It took over taxi cab business. AirBnB took over hotels business. Google has taken over information research. LinkedIn has taken over job searchesAmazon has taken over bricks and mortar retail. Netflix has taken over movies. 

Technology has happened and it’s just beginning.  

The Robots are Coming Here 

The robots are indeed coming, but they’re not The Terminator style robots who want to kill all humans. Nope. These robots just are taking your jobs. 

And for a growing number of Americans the pandemic job loss is just beginning and is going to continue for a lot longer.  

Probably for the rest of our lives.  

Who Can You Count On?  

If you lose your job now, what will you do? How do you weather the economic storm? 

How you will manage all comes down to just one person.  


You can start a business, an online business, and build your new financial future.  

Why is Diane Going on and ON about Online Businesses? 

If you’ve read my blogs and emails, you know that I push using a business as the best way to pay less tax. I’ve talked about that for over 30 years. And I’m still talking about why everyone needs a business. 

Remember these dates: 1943, 1986, 2018. Those were the years when tax laws passed that doomed employees to the E-T-S Syndrome. 


You get what’s left. 

Business owners flip the scrip to E-S-T. 




Tax law isn’t fair. Business owners have an unfair advantage. 

Don’t fight them, join them. 
The difference is that now your business needs to be an online business. You need to start a business that is flexible. Start, stop, change, grow, reduce.
More than anything else, be flexible and adjust based on your own numbers.  

When you’re ready, give me a holler. We have coaching, private consultations and offer full-service tax services. We can help with your accounting and your tax and business strategies.  

If you haven’t started your business yet, the coaching, especially the Sustainable Digital Empires bonus sessions, is the course for you! 
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