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Every year, around the middle of September, our CPA practice gets very busy. I’ve been doing this a long time, and the pattern has always been the same. That is, until this year.

We are already busy. In fact, we’ve been busy since the middle of August. My guess is that people are now beginning to realize just how impactful the Trump Tax Plan is on their own personal tax situation. And it’s become painfully obvious that if you ignore the changes in the tax law, you’re going to pay a lot more in taxes.

If you don’t already have a business, start one. It’s never been easier to start a business because you can start one online just over a weekend. Once you have a business, you have a lot of opportunity to pick up those loss deductions that you are discovering the Trump Tax Plan just cost you. And, there are even more deductions. In fact, with an online business you can actually put money in your pocket and pay little to no tax on it. In the beginning, you get an immediate tax break. It’s like a thank you from the IRS or starting a business.

And if you already have a business, you may find that you need to make some changes with your business. Or, maybe you have a lot of personal deductions that you just lost.  You’re interested in how your current business, or another business that’s an offshoot of it, can take advantage of those tax write offs. Usually an online business is a secret advantage for you as well.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be announcing a very unique webinar series. I am joined by a master of online businesses. He has worked on campaigns for large multi-national corporations and helped the little guy start and make money with an online business. His secret is using list-based businesses. We are going to do a four-week series together. Shane will tell you how to make more money and I will tell you how to keep more of that money and reduce your taxes as you protect your assets for the business your building.

Now this is the unique part. It’s free.

Yep, that’s right. There is no hidden cost. It’s free. But there’s a catch.

Face it. Isn’t there always a catch?

You have to watch the first week classes in order to get the link to the second week. You have to watch the second week in order to get the link for the third week. And you have to watch the third week in order to get the link for the fourth week.

The classes will be live. However, we recognize that not everyone will be able to fit these into their busy schedules. That’s why we’re going to record them and make them available for six days. But in that six-day period, you have to watch that week’s classes in order to get the link to the next week’s.

Why are we making this so hard? It’s because we want to work with people who are committed.

I’ve often said that there are plenty of dreamers and that is needed. But it’s the people that are the doers that really make a difference. Before you can be a doer though, you have to be a decider. And that’s what this process is.

You’re going to learn real-life step-by-step strategies for building a list-based business today. And then you’re going to learn how you can turn that knowledge into an immediate tax refund. Immediate.

Yes, you read that right. You can get an immediate tax refund when you start a business if you’re taking advantage of the program we have.

And, it’s free.

I had planned to start this with plenty of time because I thought we wouldn’t be busy yet. Boy, was I wrong.

However, we’ve made the commitment and we’re moving ahead. So if you are already signed up for emails, make sure you’re on the email list at

The details will be emailed to you.

Meanwhile, if you want to get ahead of the end of the year tax consultation rush, book your appointment for consultation now. Please Contact Us.

Remember, in life there rarely are do-overs. There are, however, plenty of opportunities to start over. And this is one of those rare opportunities to get the guidance to start over, no BS, proven strategies that work.

You have to decide. Make sure that you are signed up at for the email that tells you about the webinar series

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