Business Success Story: Just Keep Going

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keep going

From the end of 2007 until Spring 2009, I was a business basket case. Our properties were underwater, I had lost a business I dearly loved in a heart-breaking partnership dissolution and I just didn’t want to keep going. Looking back, I know I was in a depression. At the time, I just didn’t want to get out of bed.

That’s why this business success story is so powerful for me.

I first met the man who would become my client at the end of 2014. He said he was on to something and could see where he could make $2 million in 2014. He was wrong. It was closer to $20 million. And it’ll be $80 million in 2015. That is gross, so there are costs that come off of that to come to the net income.

He had to quickly get his bookkeeping caught up (we helped with that), set up new companies, some international, and make sure he was following the strict letter of the law. He knew with that amount of income that he would be a target.

He did all those things. He hired us to do the bookkeeping and let us do the work. He followed the rules for commingling (don’t!) and got a separate credit card for his business. He didn’t try to learn how to do it himself and instead just met with me monthly to review the numbers. No arguments. No long explanations or what to debit or credit, he focused on what he needed to do.

He did what he had to do to keep going.

Some laws changed and suddenly the place he was running his business from didn’t make financial sense. He didn’t even think twice about it. Within 2 months, the business had moved and he was still running. In fact, most people didn’t even realize that the corporate headquarters had moved.

He had some personal issues come up and he handled them. I would get emails from him all time of the day or night. He was working on business during the day – focusing his team, implementing his vision and always watching for threats and opportunities. And at night he dealt with personal issues.

Any one of the challenges he faced would have waylaid most people.

And most people that knew him didn’t even know what was going on. He wasn’t secretive, it’s just that he didn’t go on social media to post his problems. Instead, he dealt with them.

If I were to sum the secret of his success it’s just two words: Keep going. Things change. Fine, evolve. Keep going. Personnel changes. Get new people. Keep going. Laws change. Strategize and implement. Keep going.

I don’t know of any single person I’ve met in over 30 years as a CPA who is now a success and never had a problem. Let me say it another way.
Every single success story has a dark time. The winner had to overcome something.

Every single time.

Keep going.

You have your own success story right ahead of you.

Keep going.

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