10 Things the IRS Won’t Tell You

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Smart Money just came out with an informative article: 10 Things the IRS Won’t Tell You. They got one thing wrong, but it’s fairly minor. Here’s the list and my comments:

10 Things the IRS Won’t Tell You

( 1 ) Like it or not, you may need help with your taxes

( 2 ) You don’t have to be rich to get audited

( 3 ) Fear is often our best weapon

( 4 ) The AMT is our ATM

( 5 ) Just because we billed you doesn’t mean you owe us money

( 6 ) If you don’t pay, we’ll sic a collection agency on you

( 7 ) Want to go green? We’ll help pay

( 8 ) April 15 isn’t necessarily a hard deadline

( 9 ) We may be a government agency, but that doesn’t mean your data’s safe

( 10 ) We may still have your refund

The one change is that the IRS no longer uses a private collection agency. I think that’s a curious change. Apparently they think they can do it better.

Here’s the Smart Money Article: 10 Things The IRS Won’t Tell You

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