2009 is the Year of the Start-up

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This past Friday and Saturday we had another quarterly master mind for my private clients. The progress was amazing from the last meeting. Later this week, I’ll share some of the huge deals in the works for my clients. I think it’s a great example to see what’s working in today’s economy.

First, though, I thought it might be nice to go over the five most significant tips from the January 2009 mastermind.

The underlying theme for the first quarterly session was “peak performance.” There are huge opportunities in 2009 for business owners. In fact, 2009 has been called The Year of the Start-up. If you want to get all that is possible this year, you’re going to want to make sure you, your team and your business are all operating at Peak Performance. Here are 5 tips to get you started:

(1) Leverage your time with technology.

If you have a service based business, it’s especially important for you to leverage your time every chance you get. If you have a product based business, provide free information to your customers and they’ll be with you for life. Now here’s the trick. Look for ways to answer a question once, especially if it’s free time you’re spending with someone. My two secrets for that are (1) get more than one person on the call via a teleconference line and (2) tape the call to send to other people who might be interested.

I’m happy to share one of my best resources: reliable FREE! teleconferencing. A client of mine owns AllFreeConference. I can’t recommend this company enough. Yes, it’s really FREE! When you click through on the link, you’ll give them your email address and receive a phone number and codes for conference calls that you can use for up to 150 people.

Now, this is the part that I like best. You can use AllFreeConference to record your calls. You’ll get a file that you can then email out or put up on a website for even more leverage of your time.

Conference calling has become an essential part of my business as it allows me to share information one time—yet many people benefit. With teleconferencing , you can arrange one conversation after another all day long and talk to groups of people anywhere without even leaving your home or office! International people can dial into your teleconference too to participate in your group conversations.

I knew prices were getting better and better for technology. But FREE? It might sound like it’s too good to be true, but it’s not. Go sign up at AllFreeConference.com. You’ll be happy you did.

(2) Stay in the zone of Peak Performance by focusing on the present.

You’ve probably heard this before – don’t worry about the future, let go of the past and you’ll be happy. This was the under-current theme of the first mastermind meeting for my client. On Friday, we had a long day, but it didn’t seem like it to anyone. That’s because we ended with an exercise that FORCED you to become completely present – we walked on broken glass.

It was real honest-to-goodness broken glass. But it didn’t feel that way. It felt smooth and cool. How do you do it? What’s the trick? You just don’t step on anything sharp. It really is amazingly simple, but seems so hard when you think about it. That was another lesson – stopping “thinking” about it and start “doing” it.

Now that I said that, please do NOT try this at home. We had a licensed, certified trainer who led us in this exercise. And no one was forced with some kind of mass group hysteria. It was a purposeful declaration of the intent to being present, in peak performance, for the next 90 days. We’ll meet again and review the goals and huge business opportunities that got presented at our table Deal Flows.

The master mind sessions are open just to my private clients. And the master mind sessions are completely free. No charge whatsoever. But before you say “I can afford nothing!”, I need to tell you that first you have to qualify to become one of my private clients. I only take 25 clients per year. That’s so I can give individual one-on-one attention to each of you. There is unlimited consulting, unlimited brainstorming and I give you complete access to my personal rolodex. Need a guy who can find you a half million dollars for a project? I’ve got a name and I’m happy to share it with my private clients.

If you’d like to find out more on becoming a private client, realizing that it might not be the best fit because the price and commitment is high, then please call Richard at 888.592.4769 or drop him a note at Richard@DKTaxServices.com.

(3) Practice Power Networking.

At our first break at the private client master mind, we did some Power Networking. Rita from Ohio said this was one of the most useful tools she had ever learned!

Have you ever gone to a networking meeting and walked away thinking “Well, that was a waste of time”? Now it could be that you really were at the wrong group and there was no one worth networking with, but usually there is at least one person who has a contact, idea or resource you can use. Your mission is to find out what that is in just the few minutes you’re talking.

That’s where Power Networking techniques come into play. Here are the steps:

• Hold a handful of cards in one hand. Have a pen handy. If it’s a cocktail party, leave the drinks and food alone. This is about networking. Eat later.

• Approach someone you don’t know and introduce yourself and your business in 15 seconds or less. (Practice this one with a timer)

• Ask their name and about their company. And then ask, “How can I help you with your business?”

• Listen to what he says. Ask for a card and make a brief note on the back of his card.

• Send a card or letter to him within a week, making sure you comment on what he was looking for. Even if you can’t help him, you just acknowledged him and he will remember that.

Try this out the next time you go to a party or networking event, you’ll be surprised at the results! In today’s increasingly more high tech world, the high touch of actually caring about someone else is rare and appreciated.

(4) Hone Your Business Skills

This year is going to be an amazing one for business, if you’re positioned properly. Remember: Business isn’t coming back. It’s moving forward. If the economy has revealed weaknesses in your business, how can you reposition to take advantage quickly?

What skills do you need to get from here to there? Some of the things we’re helping our clients with:

  • Proper business structures
  • Good understanding of financial statements
  • Business credit (so no personal guarantees required)
  • Multiple streams of passive income (take what you know and create more)
  • Ultimate Income-Extraordinary Systems(tm) – safely leverage your time & assets
  • Definition of what customers want & need
  • Flexible tax strategies for rapidly changing tax law
  • Bullet proof asset protection
  • Dramatically reduced audit risk

Bottomline: You. Richer.

(5) Learn From the Experts!

We had a special treat at the first quarter Saturday morning with Dr. Rayma Sommer, a psychologist best known for her work on teaching and creating tools to reach top mental states for the very best of the best world athletes. She works with the people who have gone that extra inch to be the absolute best in their field, and then teaches them techniques to consistently deliver record-shattering results.

We all received a pair of her “hot off the press” glasses with interchangeable lenses to focus, relax, stimulate, whatever you need your mind. If your child puts yellow lenses on and then sits down to do her homework, she’ll complete it, on average, in half the time. One study was done with a group of elementary school children. They wore the yellow lenses when they studied reading and within one semester had gone up 3 grade levels!

I wore the yellow lenses on Sunday when I was working on my next 90 days and I swear I got a week’s worth of work (if I had done it at my usual, distracted pace) done in 4 hours.

Put the red lenses on and stand in the sun for 10 minutes and it’ll feel like you just had a double expresso, only without the jitters.

Some of the tricks, though, are amazingly easy. If you feel that you’re getting too emotional on an issue and can’t focus logically, shake your left hand. That will immediately stimulate the other part of your brain (the logic center).

If you’re feeling out of balance in general, put both arms straight out in front of you. Turn your palms to the outside and the clasp your hands (your arms will cross). Now bring your clasped hands down and up to your chin. Close your eyes and picture something skiing off your nose.

You have just short circuited the emotional imbalance and both sides of your brain will be in harmony.

By the way, Dr. Somer was such a huge hit that she came back for the 2nd quarter mastermind. One of her simple exercises, alleviates stress in my neck and shoulders immediately! For the first time in over a year, my neck does not hurt.

The year 2009 is indeed the Year of the Start up. There is so much opportunity available when people have great need. Solve the need, and you can help others, get rich and build true wealth. And if you’re set up with a program like we have with my Private Clients, where you are pushed WAY outside your box every quarter, mastermind with other very successful forward-thinking entrepreneurs from across the country and then become accountable to 90 day goal setting…well, this is going to be a phenomenal year. That’s all I can say!

I went through a bunch of different ideas in this email. They all had one key point – peak performance. As much opportunity as there is, there are also people who are truly scared and suffering. This is when leaders show themselves. This is when courage matters most and is shown in the little things – not giving in to the mind-numbing fear of scarcity and want, not greedily taking so others can’t have, not cutting back to the point of bare subsistence, but instead in living life as we were put on this planet to live: full of promise, hope and kindness.

So, here are the five points again, in a quick summary:

(1) Leverage your time.

Go to AllFreeConference and see how easy it can be to set up free teleseminars of your own.

(2) Focus on the present.

I’m not going to suggest that you go walk on broken glass, but maybe consider what reminder you can have to stay in the present.

(3) Practice power networking.

If you can build this skill, then go to events where you know top performers will be. Your biggest problem will become getting out of the way of your own success!

(4) Get educated on what you need to know.

What skill and/or support do you need to get you to the next level? Please leave a comment on this blog. I’d love to hear from you!

(5) Learn from the experts.

It’s often said that the most expensive advice is free advice. That’s because the advice is often not good and that’s where the real cost is.

I’ve talked a little bit here about our event this past weekend for my Private Clients. If you’d like to learn more about all the benefits involved with being a Private Client and how you can qualify to be at events with other super successful entrepreneurs like this last weekend, please give Richard a call at 888.592.4769. There are still a few spots available. You can also drop him a line at Richard@DKTaxServices.com.

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