3 Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Economy

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It’s never been a better time to have a business.

Why am I so optimistic about the economy, especially when the papers are full of recession worry? Well, first let’s be honest. For the average person, the current economy could be a cause for concern.

But, face it. You’re not average. If you have a business, or are considering starting one, then you are taking charge of your own financial destiny. And, that’s something that most people don’t do.

Here are three reasons why this coming year can be the best year ever for your business:

(1) You have less competition. Chances are your competition has been greatly reduced. And, you’re less likely to get new start-ups competing with you.

(2) Small business means flexibility and the ability to react to changes much more quickly. In a changing economy, that can mean millions in your pocket. By the time the big boys have figured out how to react to a new trend, it’s old news.

(3) Technology has made huge changes in how we do business. Slower times force us to re-examine the status quo. We cut the fat out of our businesses and our budgets. That means a lot more money when the market turns, and it always turns.


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