3 Reasons to Love Your LLC

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Before I move on to some important tax strategies for your LLC (3 Reasons to Love Your LLC), I have to apologize for something. I meant to send you a reminder about the special price for the Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond Home Study Course.

I don’t think you should have to pay because I didn’t get something to you in time. So, I’m extending the offer for another week. I want to tell you about 3 Reasons to Love Your LLC and then I’ll remind you of the special offer good for one week only.

Three Reasons to Love Your LLC

Love Your LLC #1: Better Asset Protection! An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a tax chameleon. It can elect how it wants to be taxed. That means as far as the IRS is concerned and most states are concerned, an LLC-S is exactly the same as an S Corporation. But there is one more huge advantage.

If you have an S Corporation, a personal judgment can get to your stock in the corporation, and thus to the business. But, if it’s an LLC-S, the ownership is protected in most states with charging order protection.

The LLC-S has the same tax treatment of the S Corporation with the added benefit of additional asset protection.

In today’s world, asset protection has never been more important. Everything you’ve worked for could be gone in a second with a judgment pursued by a hungry lawyer.

Love Your LLC #2: Flexibility!

The LLC can elect how it wants to be taxed and, this is the best part, you don’t need to decide right away. Under some great new rules from the IRS, we’re able to select the tax treatment we want right up until the last day of the year.

I had clients discover this loophole completely by surprise when they became clients of DK Tax Services. In one case, an LLC had been set up with a doctor as the sole member. (By the way, we didn’t do this) He’d operated a few years this way and every year wondered why he had to pay so much more tax than his colleagues. During the first tax strategy appointment with me we discussed his current situation and I pointed out that he paid over $15,000 EXTRA tax due to the way his LLC was being taxed.

Since it was already December, my client was certain that this year was a lost cause and resigned himself to paying an extra $15,000 again. That’s when he discovered that because he had an LLC we could elect to be taxed as an S Corporation (which is what he should have been) and it would be retroactive for the whole year.

No other structure gives you the flexibility of an LLC.

After reading this email so far you might get the idea that I think business structures are important. Just in case you wondered, let me be clear.

The selection of the RIGHT business structure is the most important decision you can make for your tax strategy plans in 2009 & beyond.

I’ve saved the best for last. Love Your LLC #3 gives 3 BRAND NEW strategies for use with the Series LLC. First, though, I want to remind you about the special offer.

Let me tell you again what you will receive when you purchase the complete Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond.

Section One:

Introduction to Business Structures: Why what you don’t know can hurt you!

Start here to learn about the changing environment for business structures in the financing world, for tax planning and the need to beef up your asset protection.

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Section Two:

Why You Must Control an LLC Today

The Limited Liability Company is the chameleon of the business world. What is it? Well, what would you like it to be? Learn how everyone with any assets needs at least one LLC, and even better, learn how you can form them cheaper than you think. ➢ 3 Strategies to Pay Less Tax with an LLC ➢ 1 Proven Method to Bullet Proof Your Assets

Section 3:

Use the Best of an LLC, S Corp and C Corp in your Tax Plan to Combine Asset Protection With Tax Savings

As your business and assets grow, you will want to add to your stable of structures. Added at the right time, for example C Corporation taxation can immediately cut your tax bill $10,000 – $100,000 per year. And, even better, you don’t have to form a C Corporation to do it! ➢ 3 Secrets to Use the Best of Business Tax Law Every Time ➢ Control When You Pay Your Taxes ➢ The One Secret I Use to Always Save My Clients Tax Money

Section 4:

Select the State In Which You Do Business To Dramatically Reduce Your Taxes

States are broke and there is one thing they’re all going to do to get money: Find a way to bring you into their state. Learn what states to avoid at all costs and how one simple misstep could cause you years of state tax agony. ➢ Critical Steps to Making Sure You Pay the Right State ➢ 3 Strategies to LEGALLY Avoiding Your Home State Tax With a Business ➢ The 3 State Taxes You Need to Run From

Section 5:

Put Your Real Estate in the Best Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond Or better yet, “How One Client Saved Almost $3,000 in State Fees Each Year By Making One Easy Change.”

Real estate structures are tricky these days. You need maximum flexibility for financing, plus you need stronger-then-ever asset protection. ➢ How to Avoid the Limited Partnership Audit Trap ➢ How to Navigate the Tricky Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Requirements for Refinancing by Using the Right Structures ➢ Advanced Techniques with the Trust Sandwich to Limit Costs in All States

Section 6:

Advanced State Tax Strategies

In this fun interactive section recorded live at one of our popular events, you’ll hear real life case studies of what it takes to pay the least amount of state tax. ➢ How Gross Margin Tax Can Ruin Everything ➢ Look Out If You Have Workers In This State ➢ Even Driving Regularly in These Two States Could Make You Subject to Tax

And of course, we’ll give you the step-by-step strategies to make sure these problems don’t happen to you!

Section 7:

Avoid These C Corporation Tax Traps

This may very well turn into the most important information you learn in 2009 and beyond!

Personal income tax rates are on the rise and C Corporate rates are lowering. If you have a business, you’ll probably want a C Corporation, or better yet, a layered business structure with a C Corporation.

Know the traps and the strategies to avoid them: ➢ 3 Signs that Double Taxation Could Become an Issue for You ➢ Strategies to Avoid Controlled Group Issue, and Why You Want To ➢ 2 Systems to Flunk the Personal Service Corp Test ➢ How to Use Corporate Tax Law to Create Passive Income

Section 8:

What You Need to Do Next

None of this matters, if you don’t know what to do next! That’s what this valuable final section does – tells you, step by step, what to do so you can move forward with your own Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond!

PLUS The Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond Home Study Course comes with a stand-alone Resource Guide. This reference guide will sit right next to your computer, quite possibly the most value business resource you have. As your business grows, you’ll know the fundamental of business structures and even more importantly, how to select the right one at the right time.

Just look at all the information you’ll get in this 100+ page Resource Guide.

Part I: Foundation for Business Structure Planning ➢ The 3 Goals to Plan Around ➢ Risky Business Structure Choices (Sole Proprietorships, General Partnerships and Living Trusts ➢ Safe Business Structure Choices ➢ The Asset Protectors: Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies ➢ The Passive Income Advantage ➢ The Special Asset Protection Advantage ➢ Charging Orders ➢ Why You can’t Protect a Business from Itself ➢ The Basic Elements of Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies ➢ How the Asset Protectors are Taxed and Distribute Profits ➢ The Business Operators: C Corporations and S Corporations ➢ The Basic Elements of A Corporation: Shareholders, Directors and Officers ➢ How the Business Operators are Taxed and Distribute Profits ➢ S Corporation or C Corporation: Which is Better? ➢ 10 Questions to Help Make the C versus S Corporation Decision ➢ What Structure is Best for You?

PART II: Business Structure Planning for 2009 & Beyond ➢ Today’s Business Structure Menu ➢ The Decline of the Limited Partnership ➢ The Danger of the Single-Member LLC ➢ Are SMLLCs Safe? ➢ The Well-Placed C Corporation ➢ The LLC Taxed as a C Corporation ➢ The LLC Taxed as an S Corporation ➢ How to Switch from an S Corporation to an LLC-S ➢ One More Argument in Favor of the LLC-C and LLC-S ➢ The Series LLC ➢ The Trust Sandwich ➢ Upgrading the Trust Sandwich with a Series LLC ➢ Real Life Business Structure Strategy Examples ➢ State-by-State Guide to Charging Order Provisions

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Love Your LLC #3: The Series LLC.

The Series LLC has been around long enough that it’s starting to get some case law to help define what works and what doesn’t. The results are astounding. If you’re a serial entrepreneur, or maybe a better definition is a multi-entrepreneur, like I am and if you’re concerned like I am about asset protection, especially now, then this is the entity for you. Here are just 3 of the strategies that we’ve recently done with the Series LLC with our clients: • Affiliate Marketer Has Problem With Getting Shut Down. There is a big problem in affiliate marketing right now of too much success. The Internet is as close as we get in the wealth market to infinite and that means when you find the right market, the right offer, the right ad and the right traffic price, you can ramp up for 600%+ annual ROI to make as much money as you want. But it also means that companies get frightened with the volume you’re selling for them, or they get greedy that you’re making so much money or whatever boardroom philosophy they have that means they must cut off their most successful salesman. And that’s what they do. Cut off the successful Affiliate Marketers. You’re just a number to them anyway. And that number is the EIN on your business entity. With a Series LLC, you can be back and up and running in 2 hours or less AT NO EXTRA COST!

• Multiple Properties Means Multiple Fees Until The Series LLC. Combine the Series LLC with the Trust Sandwich™ and you have a powerful force. One of the challenges I’ve faced is designing the perfect tax strategy program in combination with a solid asset protection plan, and then trying to put a sense of reality into it as well. I want you to put every single property and item of value in its very own LLC to protect it. But, the filing costs can be staggering. Now with the Series LLC, you can actually form separate cells for each item for no additional state charges!

• New Biz Op That May or May Not Work Out. You’re in the talking stages of a new venture and you’d like to test the waters first before you move into a full blown partnership. That’s smart business but really stupid when it comes to asset protection because that little “test the waters” really is a business activity and if you’re involed with someone else you need to protect yourself. You need to be protected against something that could happen with the business, something that could happen with you personally that affects the business, something that happens with your partner that could affect the business and you need to protect yourself from any actions your partner may take (including suing you). You need a good business structure and you need it fast. But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that is just a test. If that sounds like you, then you need a Series LLC in your back pocket so that you can quickly, easily and seamlessly get a new venture going.

Does it sound like I love my LLCs? I do. And especially with the Series LLC, there are so many opportunities for maximum flexibility, asset protection and dramatic reduction in fees, that everyone should have one.

There are people paying thousands and thousands of dollars to get a Series LLC set up by lawyers who have no experience in the actual day-to-day application of this tremendous tool.

You’ll get the strategies PLUS $100 off on ANY Business Structure that Megan set ups when you purchase the Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond Home Study Course.

Remember there are three easy ways to own this vital information TODAY:

Download Immediately $ 249 Physical Product (CDs & CD-ROM) $ 299 Physical Product PLUS Download $ 299

The LLC is a powerful tool. Learn how to use it, and all the other business structures available today. In today’s world you need more than one tool to protect your wealth.

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