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One of the most important traits of a good leader and businessperson is accountability. How many of you know someone who is always ready to blame someone when things go wrong? That’s one way to respond. It’s not my fault, it’s someone else’s fault! That’s actually the lowest level of accountability there is. When you blame someone else, you’re giving that other person all of the control and power in your life. You are powerless, tossed by every whim of nature and at the mercy of the will and actions of other people, just adrift on the sea of life.

If the bottom is “blame”, the next one up is “justify.” It’s not my fault because I didn’t mean to do it. The car broke down. The computer hard drive went out (never mind that I forgot to do the back-up). My top employee quit. Whatever the reason why something didn’t work out or why you didn’t honor a commitment, you’re still at the will of circumstances. Maybe you aren’t blatantly pointing the finger at someone else, you are still failing to take responsibility.

At the top of the chart is “responsibility or accountability.” You proudly or maybe not so proudly say “I did it.” For good or for bad, you are in control of the results you get in your life.

It’s not a big stretch to go from accountability to accounting. It’s the same root word. Yet, how many people are big at being accountable in their lives and still are terrified of accounting. Accounting is the report card for our business life. It’s the check in on how things are going. If you’re not getting the stats you want and need, then be responsible and proactive and make the changes you need to make to put that in place.

It’s never been easier to make, or lose, a fortune. And it’s never been more important to be accountable for your own life.

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