An Open Letter to the Guys Who Ripped Me Off

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I start my enewsletters with “Hi Friend” because I view the people who have found their way to TaxLoopholes and register for the weekly updates as my friends. These are the people who want to discover legal ways to make money and pay less tax. They are my friends because we have a similar purpose – creating more to keep more and give more.

This is an open letter to a different group. In fact, it’s specifically addressed to four men living in Arkansas, Florida, Virginia and West Virginia. I’m sure you’re reading this. In fact, I bet you read the things I write even more thoroughly than most do, because you are looking for new and innovative ways to steal it.

There was a simpler time when stealing someone’s physical items was clear cut. Steal my horse and everybody in town knew you had my horse. And with plenty of tall trees, the sheriff took care of you by sundown.

Intellectual property, the things created by your mind and heart, seem somehow even more precious. It’s something my team and I have researched, debated, researched some more, written or recorded and then edited, edited, edited. Only when it’s done and to our high standards, do we put out the product with the copyright at the bottom of the page. It’s more than just buying a horse, it’s an act of creation that has a piece of the soul of everyone who has worked on it.

So when you steal it to repackage it, to “bundle” with other information or to pass off as your own work, it’s more than just stealing my horse. You’ve stolen my creation and the creation of my team. You did all that damage, caused all that hurt, simply because you wanted to make a quick buck.

Don’t mistake kindness for weakness. I’ll be watching. We’re all watching.

And, how do I end this open letter? Typically my emails end with “warmly”. Right now I feel anything but warm.

And for all of you who make the TaxLoopholes community great: Please protect your ideas! Make sure you have patents, copyrights, and trademarks as appropriate. And once you have released your product, keep careful watch. We monitor automatically eBay and with Google alerts to look for anything that sounds like it could have come from us and now, of course, we have names and companies that we are closely watching as well.

In March, we’ll be featuring a very special Special Report for anyone who has created money from their ideas (or who wants to). It’s the basics of Intellectual Property protection and only available for members of First Class Lounge. Please join today. Don’t let someone steal your precious ideas.

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