Are You Your Biggest Obstacle?

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Have you found yourself trying for a goal, again and again, only to fail each time? Do you keep getting different results from what you want?

A lot of what I do with my Private Clients (besides saving lots of tax money through proactive tax planning) comes down to clearly identifying goals and then holding them accountable to that goal.

So often other things get in the way of meeting those goals. But they all boil down to two or three things have

  1. You didn’t put enough intention on that goal.
    Yes, you wanted to rebuild your passive income that got devastated in the past few years, but what did you actually do about it? If you started a new business or strategy and it wasn’t immediately successful, did you then identify what you needed to do to change it?

  2. Another goal or intention got in the way.
    And before you blame a spouse, your kids or your employer for their intention getting in the way, what I’m talking about is your own cross purposes. For example, I see this with some women who seem always on the brink of being successful, but then it never does work out. Sometimes there is this feeling that they can’t be too successful because it will make their mate feel less. So they hold back, supposedly to spare his feelings or to make him feel more comfortable.

It’s not his fault or his intention. It’s simply a decision made by the female entrepreneur and a reason not to succeed. The concern was about something that may or may not be true.

Or it could be that you’re stopped because there is a person in your organization that you just can’t let go of. I’ve heard that story a lot when it comes to a bookkeeper who just can’t seem to get the books done on time or doesn’t seem to want to release the information. In most of the cases, it turns out that there was something seriously wrong with the bookkeeping and that’s why we couldn’t get the reports. But the idea that the client had that they needed to keep this bookkeeper put everything in the business at risk. The intentions were working against each other.

The reality is that nobody can stop you but you. As we see small businesses flourishing all around us, it’s clear the times have changed back. When is now a good time to get serious about making money and saving taxes?

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