Beware of Obamacare Scams

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Last week I announced the FREE webinar “Cracking the Code of Obamacare Insurance.” It’s Saturday, October 12th at 9 am PST. You can sign up at if you haven’t already registered.

I found there were four types of people who commented back:

  1. By far, the largest group were people who were happy I was doing the webinar. They know the power of paying the least amount legally possible. They want to save on taxes. And they want to save on medical insurance premiums that become required 1/1/2014.
  2. Some people wanted to argue that Obamacare was bad for the country, never should have been passed, etc… The bottomline is that it is law. And as ill-formed as you may believe it is, we have to comply with it or face the penalty. One of my points is that there are HUGE loopholes. Anybody (and I mean anybody) can set up their financial affairs so they pay zero in premiums. That’s a problem. But meanwhile, it also gives you a choice – you can pay $1K a month like some of my clients were looking at, or you can pay $200 a month. Your choice.
  3. Some people (well, actually just one guy who has no money and goes from failed business to failed business) don’t think it’s right for me to tell people how to legally pay less in insurance premiums. My response to him was don’t pay less. In fact, you can overpay and help cover some of the deficit. Funny, that didn’t make him happy either.
  4. Some people wanted to share their own way of paying less for Obamacare. And all but one was completely illegal. I want to be really clear here – you may not like the insurance, but that doesn’t matter it’s the law. If you don’t have the insurance and don’t meet one of the exceptions, you’ll pay the penalty. But there is a way to pay a whole lot less for the insurance and it’s legal. That’s what I’m going to talk about on the webinar.

Scams to be careful of right now include:

  1. Scams that tell you to wait to get the insurance until you absolutely need it. Pay the penalty if you need to, but only pay for the insurance long enough to cover your cost. DO NOT DO THIS!
  2. Scams that tell you to lie about your income, based on the fact that it’s unlikely that the IRS will catch you. This is lying and it’s fraud. DO NOT DO THIS!
  3. Scam that tells you that will owe thousands of dollars in penalty if you don’t buy insurance right now. The penalty is $95. Anything different is a scam. DO NOT FALL FOR IT

There is actually a 5th type of email I’ve gotten. I’ve heard from people who are trying to guess what the loophole is. The reason I’m doing a 60 min webinar is that I have about 45 minutes of instruction with websites and clear how-to use this loophole. And then I’m going to take questions. But I can’t just tell you in a couple of sentences. You need to make sure you’re following the law and to do that, you first need to understand the law.

NO ONE ELSE is giving this information. It’s legal and it’s available. I’ll tell you about it on Saturday, October 12th, 9 am PST, 10 am MST, 11 am CST and Noon EST. Sign up at

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