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Breathe a Sigh of Relief – Many Tax Provisions Just Got Extended

Written by Diane Kennedy, CPA on October 4, 2008

For once, the last minute add-ons into a Bill made sense! Or at least they did if you are a small business owner.

The AMT band-aid was extended for another year. I was just starting to gear up some AMT education through TaxLoopholes. If the band-aid had not been extended another 25 million taxpayers would have become subject to this tax. I’m glad the patch was extended through 12-31-08 (for 2008 tax year) but I do hope that they once and for all tackle the AMT issue.

We also saw extensions for a lot of the expiring tax provisions. Please go to the First Class Lounge forum for my quick review of the new Bill. It’s law now. The House passed it yesterday and President Bush quickly signed it. It’s over 442 pages and there is obviously a lot about the bail-out and how it will work. But, there are also some hidden gems and a few strange things for business owners.

For example, you can now get a $20/month credit for riding your bicycle to work! I’m not quite sure how that will work with a home office, but the mental image I keep coming up with would delight my teenage son. (Bicycle on the hardwood stairs to the downstairs office??)

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