Broke vs. Poor

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In today’s economic times, I’m hearing a lot of statements like, “I’m broke.” “I’m poor.” “We have no money.”

These words don’t all have the same meaning. Broke, or lack of money, is a temporary state of affairs. One payday can change that. One new deal or one new business can make all the difference in the worlds. Poverty, or the state of being poor, is something entirely different.

Today is Blog Action Day. And, the topic for blogs around the world is poverty. You can read more about this at

Without a doubt, the world is changing, and rapidly. A lot of us have less wealth then we did a year ago. But the very fact that we’re communicating via this new technology is proof that we’re not in the cycle of poverty. We’re on the high side of the digital divide. We have options. We can start a business. If our credit got trashed due to some bad decisions, it’ll be fixed in 2 years or less (or maybe might not even matter simply because so many other are in the same boat). We have OPTIONS.

A person caught in poverty doesn’t have the same options. So, today, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe a month from now, think, maybe for a minute, about what difference you can make. For example, if you’re a business woman, did you know that most inner city young girls have NEVER seen a woman in a business suit? Just show up at a school for a day and you might have changed their perceptions forever. Many children trapped in this cycle have three possible ways out of the poverty (based on their role models): singer/DJ, athlete and drug dealer. Not everyone has the talent to do the first two, so guess where they end up? Just talking about what you do and the possibilities in your own life, can transform the possibilities in their lives.

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