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I just filmed three segments of Online Workshops to play in the First Class Lounge during the time before, during and after our July Maui Mastermind. The theme this month was all about business structures. Questions like “Do I have the right one for my out of state properties?” and “How do I set up a business structure for my SEP?” were predominate.

Questions answered include:

  • Two of my properties are condo conversions in Orlando FL and I have already filed a NV LLC. I’m rolling over funds from a traditional rollover IRA to a SEP IRA to participate in this transaction. Is this a prohibited transaction?
  • What happens if I do not have LLC structures in place in time before the closing?
  • If I use a personal check to make a deposit to hold a property I subsequently buy with a SEP, is that okay?
  • My father recently passed and my mother inherited everything. She wants to sell the property at a deep discount to my brother. What are the tax consequences of this?

…and many more! Remember you can view these online workshops as part of the First Class Lounge. And the first 30 days are free.

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