C Corp Quick Facts

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Still undecided as to whether the C Corporation is right for you?

Here are some C Corporation quick facts.

  • Management and ownership structure is the same as with S Corporations
  • Shareholders are not liable for debts or actions of C Corporation
  • Officers and directors are generally not liable for actions or debts of the C Corporation unless fraud or criminal activities are involved
  • Provides highest level of tax deductions
  • No limit on number of shareholders, nationality or residence
  • Pays income tax separately, at its own corporate tax schedule
  • Net profits after tax may be distributed as dividends (taxed at individual level) or held in Corporation as retained earnings
  • Very powerful tool in income planning and up-streaming

If you already have a C Corporation and aren’t sure if you’re using it to its full advantage, please call, mail, email or fax us at USTaxAid Offices.

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