Congress Says “No” to Plan B, Here’s Your Plan C

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The past week Congress adjourned for Christmas break without a solution for the looming “Fiscal Cliff.”

If you’re confused on what the Fiscal Cliff will mean for you, let me break it down:

If you get a paycheck, you’re going to get a smaller paycheck in January.

If you’re expecting an IRS refund, it’s probably going to get delayed.

If you pay taxes, your taxes are going up.

Congress had a Plan B that they didn’t pass. So it’s your turn.

Your Plan B is a business. Business owners control when and how much they pay in taxes. Period. End of story.

But now you need a Plan C as well. C stands for C Corporations and most business owners will pay a whole lot less in taxes in 2013 if they have a C Corporation.

Is it right for you? Well, first of all, you need to learn more about them. Please go to and listen to the free webinar. Do it today!

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