Deal Flow: Secrets of the Smoke-Filled Back Room Where Fortunes are Made

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Changes are coming to TaxLoopholes! One of the new features will be a forum that you can participate in to create your own mastermind groups, learning circles and interactive learning.

There will be three levels, including the private, by-invitation-only “Diane’s Mastermind.” One of the unique aspects of this exclusive forum will be an online Deal Flow.

The term “Deal Flow” comes from an exclusive club that I first learned about from one of my very wealthy clients. This is an annual meeting that a bank sponsors for its high income, high wealth clients. The starting stake for any deal discussed in this closed door, one-day meeting is $1 million. Each bank’s client who was invited was allowed to bring his or her legal and tax team (which is how I knew about it).

It was amazing to watch. This is how the rich get richer! They cut each other in on their best deals. Why do they only want to invest with people they know? Because these are often deals that may or may not work out. Every person in that room had to be approved (based on income and/or wealth AND mindset). They didn’t want to deal with an investor who wasn’t experienced. They wanted only people who “knew the rules of the game” and were proven “do-ers.” No timewasters allowed!

I sat in that room as heirs of duPont, Rockefeller and hundreds of other old fortune names kicked back and talked about their deals.

“Hey, I have a chain of stores I’m looking at. Anyone want in?” someone shouted from across the room. A group formed to discuss the deal.

In about 6 hours, hundreds of deal flow groups had formed. Their advisors exchanged contact information and they all went off to become even richer, together.

This is how the rich do it. Wealth-building doesn’t have to be do-it-yourself. Sometimes having someone else to bounce an idea off of and actually supersize it can make all the difference. Keep watch at TaxLoopholes for the upcoming changes and learn how you can be part of this exclusive group.


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