Did Your CPA Just Cost You an IRS Audit?

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The IRS is going into attack mode. Their latest volley has been against tax advisors that are dabbling into listed transactions or committing outright tax fraud. Keep reading to learn how this can affect you, up close and personal.

When a CPA or “tax advisor” is caught commiting fraud or advocating shady transactions, the IRS has lately been subpoenaing (or trying to through court action) a list of EVERYONE who has hired the firm or attended any presentation. Then everyone on the list gets an audit.

In fact, we just got a call from someone who got caught in one of those nets. Not only did the goofy information not help the gentleman who called, it also created a nightmare for him with the IRS.

More than ever before, the power of association can make or break your business. That’s why we take such care in selecting the DKAffiliated CPAs that we refer to you. And that’s just one more reason I believe that working with integrity is the best way to go.


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