Do You Have the Right Tax Preparer?

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There are two big steps you’re likely to take as you grow your business when it comes to taxes. There will be the time when you realize it’s time to stop trying to do-it-yourself. Here are seven signs that it’s time to hire a tax pro for your tax return:

  • You started a business,
  • You donated a lot to charity,
  • You had an unusual real estate event (foreclosure, loan modification, short sale),
  • You owe way more than you can afford to pay,
  • Your off-the-shelf software doesn’t seem to be doing what you want,
  • You are afraid of an IRS audit, or
  • You have employees.

There are still different levels of tax professionals that you will need to consider. You may be fine with a ‘store front’ chain tax practice if your tax work is something they are likely to do a lot of. For example, a straight-forward business return could be something that might need a high level of tax experience. But if your business is growing or you want to take advantage of new tax credits, then consider working with a specially trained CPA who handles specifically this type of work.

Probably the biggest new issue facing many people today is what to do if they’ve gotten a Form 1099-A or Form 1099-C as a result of bad real estate in today’s market. There aren’t a lot of real estate tax experts in the best of times and in this relatively unusual circumstances, there is a lot of confusion. If you’d like our help, please contact Richard or Thomas at 888-592-4769 ext 1 or 2. Our CPAs have an average of over 20 years of experience each in sophisticated tax matters and yet you’ll find our plans surprisingly affordable.

You can get highly qualified and helpful tax help at a price that makes sense.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the second big step you need to make regarding taxes in your business.

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