Do You Think Like an Employee or Like an Entrepreneur?

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Are you currently an employee who yearns for the freedom and control of your own business? Or maybe you’re a business owner who is tired of the day-to-day struggle of paying the bills and keeping the doors open, often working harder and getting paid less than your employees? (And, by the way, most of us have had those moments before.) No matter what role you have today, you might be unhappy because your mindset doesn’t mesh with what you’re actually doing.
Here is a quick version of the test we highlight in “Smart Business Stupid Business”, our latest entrepreneurial best seller available for sale now.

Which mindset do you have really? Do you think like an employee or like an entrepreneur?

  • An employee thinks Short Term. An entrepreneur thinks Long Term.
  • An employee works for a paycheck. An entrepreneur works to build assets.
  • An employee wants instant gratification. An entrepreneur delays gratification.
  • An employee is time-focussed. An entrepreneur is value-focused.
  • An employee is owned by the company. An entrepreneur owns the company.
  • An employee needs a job. An entrepreneur creates jobs.
  • An employee has a commitment to a paycheck. An entrepreneur has a commitment to customers.
  • An employee wants to be protected. An entrepreneur knows security is his responsibility.
  • An employee feels powerless. An entrepreneur creates what he wants.
  • An employee waits for the opportunity. An entrepreneur creates opportunities.
  • An employee is inflexible to changes. An entrepreneur is flexible.
  • An employee is replaceable. An entrepreneur is unique.
  • An employee feels she is owned. An entrepreneur knows reward comes from creating value

If reading that makes you excited about the future, then you know what it means to yearn for a Smart Business.

Let’s get started!

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