Doing What You Say You Will

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There are two times that you can really see a person’s character in business: when there’s not enough money and when there’s a lot of money.

I’m actually writing this blog on Saturday evening. I just left Derek Jarr’s real estate seminar.

Derek’s program is more than just a regular real estate seminar. He has a complete mentoring program designed to help individuals and real estate agents make the best of this current real estate market. This guy is brilliant. He’s not giving canned strategies from days gone by. He’s very current and knows the latest in foreclosure markets plus has a world class team working with him.

The other thing I like is his amazing integrity; his willingness to step up and be accountable. He asked me to talk on taxes and do one of my business building exercises at the seminar this weekend. I was glad to do it. I like him and I like the people that are attracted to him.

Derek also knows that a couple of promised contributions to my son’s charity have not come through.

I know that every parent wants to champion their child. I don’t know if I feel it more strongly than others. But there are times that I feel that my heart is just breaking for him. Adults with successful businesses promised him contributions for his charity, and based on that he made promises to the orphanage kids in Juarez. I just found out he’s been selling his personal items to do what he considers is the right thing. Meanwhile, Richard has tried to approach the parties and gotten nowhere. Or rather he got some rather nasty emails in return and a lot of excuses. My teenage son knows more about personal responsibility then this supposedly successful business owner. Ah well, that’s as far as my rant is going to go, at least on this blog.

Let me tell you what Derek did. He gave David’s charity a HUGE contribution. David just started crying. I am so grateful for what he did. In a time when it’s so hard to instill personal responsibility, accountability and integrity, he has a new successful business owner as a role model. THIS is supposed to be how it works.

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