Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

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Are you working hard right now, busting your butt and still feeling like you’re not getting anything finished – you just get tired and go home?

That’s certainly the case at la Casa del Nakamoto-Hughes. Lots of balls in the air, deadlines coming up, etc. Given that, I should have felt guilty last weekend when my husband and I ran off to Vegas for a couple of days. But you know what? I didn’t!

One of the common characteristics I’ve noticed with a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs (especially the successful ones!) is an amazing work ethic. They’re ready, able and willing to put in the long hours that starting, nurturing and growing a business requires. Some folks I know seem to be always working – a couple I know told me recently that they don’t know how to relax any more.

That conversation stuck with me for awhile. It was a little bit sad, actually. If you’re always planning for the future – the next meeting, the next year’s campaign, your meeting tomorrow … what happens to today and all the future todays? I realize that we can’t live perpetually in the moment, but surely there’s time to hang out there for a least a little while?

In our household, we try to aim for a balance. It doesn’t always work that way. My husband works for the Nevada Legislature, which will be meeting for its biennial session next year. His department is already racking up the overtime getting ready, and once Session begins they can expect 12-14 hour work days, 6-7 days per week. For myself, folks are also looking around and taking stock of their own situations right now, too. We’re fielding lots of calls about entity formation, amending a structure in place, getting a trust or estate plan updated (or created) etc., and expect that will continue until January.

While we could both hunker down and work until we fall asleep, we made a conscious decision years ago to not forget to celebrate each other. Making time for each other, and doing things together – those are important elements of our partnership.

Which is how I came to find myself last weekend in Las Vegas at a gun range, learning how to fire a weapon for the very first time, and making a souvenir t-shirt. The trade-off was a trip to the Outlet Mall afterwards, so it wasn’t all one-sided. We stayed out all night, slept in late, ate fantastic food, had adventures and have a bunch of great memories to replay when things get tough. Were we a bit behind the 8-ball after the weekend was through? Yes, no question about it. But we were also in a good state of mind to tackle the challenges, too.

I don’t know what you all do for fun, but I would encourage you to try and make sure you have some, whenever possible!

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