Finding Help For Your Real Estate Tax Strategies

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saveI received a couple of questions during the webinar 5 Big Mistakes That Can Blow Up Your Real Estate Deductions about finding a tax advisor.

Here’s the disclaimer. I’m not objective. I have a self-interest in why I spend my weekends reading, studying and putting on free webinars. I do these webinars and write blogs for three reasons:

  1. To keep myself up to date on tax law changes and strategies,
  2. To provide content for our weekly in-house CPA training sessions, and
  3. (The Biggest Reason) To find new clients.

If I’m telling you things you’ve never heard before, and you realize the importance of doing things right and strategic, then you should be our client. We have a whole range of programs for how we work with clients. You may find that we’re actually cheaper then you’re paying now, for help from people who are not that familiar with real estate tax, entity structuring and the shifting tax laws.

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