First Christmas as a New Family

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Christmas for us is about giving thanks for our blessings and spending time with family, doing things we love.

At our home, we open gifts on Christmas Eve. It’s David’s first Christmas with us in the U.S. We spent last year together in Juarez, but it just wasn’t the same staying in a Jr. Suite at the Juarez Hilton. One of the early presents David gave me was a Christmas ornament that said “Baby’s First Christmas.” I still tear up.

This year we started with waking David up with a sledge hammer. Well, actually woke him up and handed him a sledge hammer. He’d wondered what on earth the room that had been built out of the 4th bay in the garage was. The garage door was locked down with two padlocks and there was no other door into the room. Early that morning, Richard had written a big red “x” at the spot to hit and David just did that. He unveiled the new exercise room complete with free weights, treadmill and universal gym. It was pretty much a gift for the entire family.

Phone calls with friends, a visit from our masseuse and her brother who asked to use the hot tub (of course we said yes) after working all day on her newly purchased first home in downtown Phoenix.. There are still good real estate deals, but in this superheated market, you better be willing to do some work.

Dinner was low-key – steaks on the barbecue cooked with the Mexican marinade of beer and lemon, onion rings, broccoli and Caesar salad. We’ll have more friends over tomorrow for the official Christmas dinner after church services.

For now, David is loading up programs on his new computer, Richard is tinkering around the house and I’m watching my alma mater, University of Nevada-Reno, in the Hawaii Bowl.

So far, it’s shaping up to be a great day. If UNR wins, it’ll be a phenomenal one!

Later note: They DID win!

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