Five Tax Planning Tips for 2011

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Tax season is over! Or, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, the deadline has been pushed off a bit with your extensions so you’ll deal with all of that 9-15 and 10-15.

Now is the time to think about tax planning for 2011. There are a lot of tax changes coming your way and likely your business is experiencing some unusual ups and downs. As the US moves toward a semblance of economic recovery, expect uncertainty and unusual business results

Here are some tips to get your tax planning for 2011 off to the right start:

  • Get your 2011 bookkeeping caught up as soon as possible with projections for the year. Is your income going up, down or staying the same?
  • Check for state nexus issues. Are there are other states you now need to plan for?
  • What new projects or investments are coming up that may change your current strategy?
  • Review your income projections, state nexus changes and tax law changes with your CPA at a minimum three times: Now, September (creating your year-end planning) and December.

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