Getting Through Holidays and Stressful Economic Times

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During this holiday season, there are undoubtedly a lot of things running through your head. How will the economy affect the future? What will the next year be like? How will I possibly get through another holiday season with _________ without killing him ? Okay, that last one was a joke, but maybe it wasn’t so funny.

Holidays are funny things. You might end up spending time with people you love and hate all at the same time. And you will probably find yourself around someone who is espousing a lot of rhetoric about business, finance, investments, with maybe even a little “I told you so” rolled in for good measure.

One strategy for getting through that without getting into a full blown argument or looking for a dark corner to hide in, is to turn the tables. Consider what you’re most grateful for right now. Ask others. If you can switch the conversation to what you’re grateful for and others join in, you’ll find the whole mood will shift.

And if you want to really take it to the next level, consider creating your own future. When we make up “what if” stories about the future, we’re just creating a fiction anyway. There is no possible way to know exactly what will happen in even the next minute. So, if you’re making up a story, why not make it a happy story? As a group, talk about what’s most important in your life and how that could translate in the future. Then have each person make an outrageous statement about their future.

In 2009, I will travel to Africa. In 2009, I will buy a new house. In 2009, I will start a non profit to teach inner city children about financial literacy. Whatever your “most important is” make it a positive statement about the future! If you can get a group together to make those statements, I guarantee that you will change the experience right then, and into the future, for everyone there. It’s not just being able to hang out with the “right people”, it’s also being in a safe environment with positive conversations. And when magic hits, when you get it just right, you actually create the master mind that Napoleon Hill talked about in “Think and Grow Rich.” The master mind (note it’s actually two words) is a collective mind that can sometimes take over a group to create massive positive action in the lives of all who are fortunate to be part of it.

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