How Are You Doing with Your Year-End?

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I was filing Tax ID Numbers for a few clients on Friday when I came across a notice on the IRS’s website announcing that the system would be closed from midnight Sunday until 6am EST on Wednesday. They’re not the only one, either. I’ve been finding that plenty of other state agencies around the country are also going to be closed on Monday. That means we’ve all got one less day than planned to get companies formed, Solo 401(k) plans set up, money moved around, and so on.

tick … tick … tick …

The next few days are going to be a madhouse at government agencies as people rush to get things done before December 31st. At the same time, most government agencies are going to be short-staffed as people take time off for Christmas. I’ve also had reports from the folks at Pensco that they’re slammed with new Solo 401(k) requests and other pension structuring, too.

So, even though the eggnog may be calling, procrastination time is very definitely over! If you’ve got things to get done before the end of December, plan to spend some time on Monday setting them in motion!


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