How Can You Protect Yourself Against a Mortgage Meltdown?

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Rising property taxes, frivolous lawsuits … and now one more thing to threaten the equity in your real estate. How secure is your house, or more importantly, your mortgage?

One Way to Protect What’s Yours!

One of the two most important questions you can ask your advisors in the last half of 2007 is “How can I protect my house and real estate investments from the 2007 Mortgage Meltdown?”

Two years ago, Morgan Smith, founder and President of Morgan Capital, stated at the 2005 TaxLoopholes Tax Strategy Camp that we shouldn’t fear a real estate bubble. The real risk he said was from the mortgage bubble bursting.

And now we see how right he was! What does the rapidly changing mortgage environment mean for your personal real estate investments? Learn more in the exclusive 4-part series “Suriving the Mortgage Meltdown” with Aaron Van Trojen ( from Morgan Capital. Because the information is so timely, we’re running ALL four parts right now. It’s available only for members of First Class Lounge.

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