How Many People Just Read Your “Private” Tax Information?

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Every year, the IRS releases the stats on how many times they provided income tax return. Ever wondered what happens to your confidential information? How many people end up looking at it?

Well, it’s not just the IRS that gets the inside scoop on how much money you make, where you live, your social security number, your children’s names and ID, your mortgage and on and on. In fact, the IRS honored 5.3 BILLION (yes, that’s billion) requests for tax return information last year. When you consider that there are less than 140 MILLION returns filed, you might wonder just who all is looking at your return.

First, here’s a quick math calc. If there are 140,000,000 returns and there are 5,300,000,000 views, that means, on average, the IRS has sent out 38 copies of your return to other parties.

Who got the copies?

States: 3,182,927,345 disclosures

Bureau of Census: 1,842,087,625 disclosures

Congressional Committees: 260,592,773 disclosures

Medicare Premium Subsidy Adjustment: 40,431,964 disclosures

Child Support Enforcement Agencies: 14,856,897 disclosures

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