How to Listen to Diane Kennedy Webinar Recordings

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Every month, we give 1 or 2 free webinars on business building, real estate investing, asset protection or tax saving topics. One of the most frequently asked questions, “How can I listen to the recording of the webinar?”

The simplest answer is register. I don’t spam my list with recording links. If you’re interested in a webinar, I figure you’ll sign up for it. And if for some reason you can’t make it, or you want to hear it again, I’ll send you two emails with the link. If you don’t get those emails, check your junk folder. They are sent to everyone who has signed up. And you’ll get it unless you have blocked my emails or you have changed your email address.

Sometimes people hear about the webinars too late and realize they missed it. So they didn’t get a chance to listen to it. If that’s the case for you, you can always go to the Insider’s Club and listen to all of my past webinars. There is a monthly fee, but it’s not much. It’s necessary to cover the cost of hosting and delivering all of that content. You can go to the Insider’s Club at .

Our last webinar was “12 Tax-Busting Strategies Before Year End.” I’ll have a link up for a replay of the webinar, free of charge, until we run our next webinar in January. Most of the time, we run two webinars a month, which means that you have to first sign up for the original webinar and then go listen sometime in the next two weeks. Otherwise, just go to the Insider’s Club and you’ll hear the most current webinars, as well as some important ones that we’ve done over the past years. If something is no longer current due to a change in tax law, we’ll remove it.

If you aren’t currently getting the notice of webinars, please make sure you’ve got whitelisted. You can go to to sign up for the next webinar.

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