How to Save Money

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This last weekend I went shopping with Megan, who was down visiting us in San Diego for a series of brainstorming meetings for the next year. We worked hard and got done fast. So we went shopping! It’s always a tough time of the year for many people who are trying to figure out how to buy what they want to during this holiday season. And it’s an even tougher time now. The first thing we noticed was how empty the malls were.

So, whether you’re looking for money for the holiday season, money to replace a shrinking retirement plan, money to live on if you get laid off or just money because you want options in your life – you are probably thinking about one big question right now, “How can I save money?”

Here are some of my favorite ways to get money right away:

1 – Start a business. You’ll save on taxes right now, this year, before Christmas.

2 – Do a Cashflow Sunday. You may find thousands of dollars just “laying around the house” like my family did. Go to the First Class Lounge Forum to read dozens of ideas our members had.

3 – Look at the systems in your business. Technology has made a lot of expensive, time consuming procedures obsolete. Check out the FCL forum for more ideas there.

4 – Start a sideline business. Go to for 6 Business Opportunities in the Current Economic Times. It’s a free teleseminar. Is there one that speaks to you?

5- Help someone else get what they want. Okay, that’s a given. If you find a need that people have, and find a solution for that, they will beat down your door trying to get it.

What are some of your favorite ways to save money?

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