How To Survive the Coming Tax Changes

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When it comes to your taxes, we’ve already seen a lot of changes. Not all of them are bad, though. They are confusing though.

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There are three major tax themes we’re paying attention to right now.

  • New Health Care Bill
  • New State Tax Laws & Definitions
  • New Market Conditions Creating Brand New Issue


What Will the New Health Care Bill Mean To You & Your Business?

The Health Care Bill is the best thing to ever happen to small business!

The Health Care Bill is going to lead to rampant unemployment!

What’s the right answer? Well, there is a lot buried in the thousands of pages of the new Bill. Most of the things that affect you and your small business won’t hit for a few years.

There are important decisions you’ll have to make, but the most vital thing right now is that you get the straight information.

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Why Should You Care What Other States Are Taxing Anyway?

If you follow the blog at USTaxAid, then you know that I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the new state laws and nexus.

That’s because state nexus is bound to be one of the most hotly contested tax areas over the next few years.

If you sell products or services to customers/clients in other states, if you own real or personal property in other states, if you have employees or independent contractors, give seminars in any other state or have a website, are an affiliate marketer or have ever visited Colorado … Okay, I went a little far there. But, then again, so did Colorado with their new ‘turn your customers in or face huge penalty’ bill they passed on anyone who sells to a Colorado resident.

Learn more about what you need to be watching and maybe even why you want to stop selling your products in some states on the April 7th Teleseminar.


What New Tax Issues Is the Market Causing?

I’m working on a revision and update to “Real Estate Loopholes” right now. Why? That’s because so much has changed in the real estate and tax world. At the time I wrote “Real Estate Loopholes” in 2002, the real estate world was going crazy. The biggest tax issues were how to pay the least amount of tax possible on the gains. And at the same time, as prices for property went up, rents stayed fairly flat. So there were a lot of real estate holding losses.

Now we’ve still got some real estate holding losses but we’ve also got losses when real estate is sold. Plus there are tax issues related to foreclosures, short sales and loan modifications.

And add to all that, the IRS is more aggressive then ever toward real estate investors.

It’s never been more important to have good education and solid strategy with your real estate investments.

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Please check Tuesday’s blog entry: How to Report Form 1099-C Income Without Paying Extra Taxes. This is one you won’t want to miss if you have, or are considering, foreclosure, deed-in-lieu-of foreclosure, short sale or loan modification.

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