Integrity Isn’t Always Easy

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There are only a couple of people who know this story that I’m about to tell you. Two weeks ago my son was so badly beaten that he ended up in a Phoenix-area hospital. He’s okay now and in fact he just put in some very long days working the video at my last seminar, but it was scary for a while.

I didn’t know all the details until later. I guess that’s typical with teenagers. David and his friend Michael went to a New Year’s Eve party this year and came back a few hours early. I thought it strange, but never really questioned what had happened.

The details came out with this last incident. David and Michael went to the party and 3 older boys (18 years +) showed up with alcohol and marijuana. David and Micheal didn’t want any part of it and so were getting ready to leave. David had a younger female friend at the party and he didn’t want to leave her. She didn’t know what to do. The older boys wanted her to stay, David insisted that she leave with them.

In the end, the other boys told David and Michael to leave and physically held the girl back. David threatened to call the police, which he did as soon as he got to his Jeep. The police showed up and the older boys were arrested.

So fast forward to two weeks ago, apparently the boys had been trying to find David. I have no doubt (knowing my son) that he was pretty belligerent when he told them what he was going to do and they were mad that they had been arrested. So, a group of 6 boys found David and Michael outside our house on Saturday night, two weeks ago. Richard and I were out that evening and so it was just the boys. The 6 boys jumped them. One had a gun (later turned out to be a BB gun) that he pointed at Michael and another boy held him. The other boys beat David. David has had an anger issue in the past and one of the only techniques that works for him is to not start to fight. He has trouble stopping, once he starts. So he made the decision to not fight and instead went down on the ground and tried to protect himself. The other boys kicked him until one boy (the one with the gun) hit David in the back of his head so hard that a piece of the handle broke off. He blacked out. Another boy brought a baseball bat from the car and started hitting him in the head. Michael broke free and dragged David closer to the house. He got him inside and called the police.

Later we went back through the incident and found places where David and Michael could have made choices that wouldn’t have led to the hospital. David got stitches in his head and was fine in a couple of days. Michael was bruised, but never seriously injured. Over all, though, I’ve got to say I’m proud of the boys. I’m proud that they looked out for their friend. I’m proud that they didn’t stay at the party.

Integrity isn’t always easy. But, if you can’t do what you’re doing with integrity, what’s the point?


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