Is the Supreme Court FINALLY Going to Rule on Amazon Tax?

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Once again, Amazon is going to the Supreme Court to fight the so-called Amazon tax. In a nutshell, the Amazon tax is case of state nexus. If a state decides that your business has nexus with that state, you will have to collect and pay sales tax and possibly file a state income tax return.

Amazon got involved with New York decided if Amazon (or any other company) used affiliates within the state of NY to sell their products, then that created nexus.

Amazon doesn’t think that’s right. New York (and the other states) think it is.

It’s been before the Supreme Court before, but they declined to hear it, saying it was a case for Congress to decide.

This is an important case for anyone who has a business that sells products and services and has others who advertise or promote their business. But there are also dozens of other ways that your business may have a state tax nexus. Is your CPA asking about nexus? We are!

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More information on nexus here:

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