It’s Time For a Change

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Have you noticed things are a little different these days?change1

I bet that’s the biggest understatement you’ve read in a while. In fact, it might even be a little annoying. Of course, things have changed.

Real estate has tanked. Small business credit has been cut off. Tax laws are changing weekly, and none of it is good. Plus the IRS has doubled their audit force. And how about HOAs, struggling to meet costs with vacant houses, doubling, even tripling dues? And then there are the state and local governments doing everything they can to try to stay even.

Want to know the 10 worst states to be in, at least when it comes to fiscal responsibility? Here’s a 10 worst states list.

And just to keep it in balance, we’ve got the best states list over at US Tax

It’s time for a change.

There are also a lot of new possibilities in the world today. You can build a business quicker and cheaper in new ways never seen before. Websites that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars now cost less than five thousand. You can ditch the bricks and mortar and go virtual. You can replace expensive labor with technology. Cost too high? Change them! Market too small? Change it!

It’s time for a change.

The best time for change is when the status quo has been shook up. And, oh, it has been shook up.

You’ll see a lot of changes for us over the next month. But, we’ll still be around. The best way to get us is through the contact page. Please visit us at USTaxAid.

Look for a lot more exciting things in the next few weeks!

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