Declare Your Own Freedom

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As we move into the holiday weekend, a lot of us are thinking about fireworks, picnics, family and all the fun that goes into a few days off with people we care about. This weekend, though, is really about freedom.

Freedom means having choices.

You can fail and come back. You can move where you want, work how you want (within the limits of the law) and create the future you want.

But for many of us, financial freedom especially now is elusive. And part of that comes from not understanding what real freedom means – choice.

Freedom means the choice to work when and how you want. As your business makes more money, you’ll probably find that time freedom is the most valuable thing you can have.

Money freedom comes from letting your business have a seat at the table, fixing only what’s broken and knowing your numbers. Time freedom comes from having systems that you teach, check and enforce.

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