Just Like Diane Kennedy, ONLY Cheaper

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Well, I always say that I know I’ve arrived when someone starts saying “I’m just like Diane Kennedy, only cheaper.” In other words, I get to be the standard bearer for quality in a field. Of course, it also means that when they say “just like” it means that they are taking my old strategies and trying to recycle them.

So, a better statement might be “I’m just like Diane Kennedy 5 years ago, only cheaper.” And that’s a little like buying a lottery ticket the day after the lottery. Hey! It’s half price, and your chances are only one in a million less. (In other words, because the lottery has already run – you have NO chance of winning. But the ticket was half price, so there is that.)

This past week I went to my hair dresser and the guy next to him couldn’t wait to tell me what happened when he called one of those sham “sell you a Nevada corporation, one size fits all” kind of places. He was quoted $2100 for a NV LLC (which he would then have to get authorized to do business in Arizona) and was then told “This is exactly what Diane Kennedy would do, only she’d charge you $20,000.”

He couldn’t wait to tell me that story. Well, there are a number of things wrong with that statement. First of all, I’d never recommend a NV LLC for his Arizona property. I’d tell him to get an AZ LLC. But, of course, because he called someone who sells NV LLCs, they told him that’s what he needed. Then, secondly, I don’t set up business structures That’s what Megan does and I know for a fact that Megan wouldn’t charge $2100 for an LLC.

Let’s look at what’s wrong with the salesperson’s comment:

(1) I wouldn’t recommend a NV LLC.

(2) I wouldn’t set it up anyway, Megan would do that.

(3) I wouldn’t charge them 20,000.

Like a friend of mine says, “Some people’s children.”

Need I say more?

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