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Have you done your back of the envelope calculation for taxes you’ll owe for 2007? If not, this might be a good week to pull some of that information together. One of the most important questions to answer is whether you’ll be subject to Alternative Minimum Tax. Look for more strategies on how to get around AMT (and how to find out if you’re subject to it) through this Blog.

This month’s online workshops, offered as part of the First Class Lounge, are all about Last Minute Loopholes. These are the things you can do right now, to pay less tax right now.

For a limited time only get 30 days FREE membership to my First Class Lounge! Imagine getting daily access to cutting edge wealth tools, techniques, and strategies from the TaxLoopholes, your premier tax information site on the web.

Each week you get exclusive access to the latest online wealth workshops and special reports detailing the strategies and systems you need to keep more of the money you make and protect your assets as you build your wealth. You’ll learn:

  • Cutting Edge Tax Strategies You Can Put In Place TODAY!
  • Insider’s Secrets to Reducing IRS Audit Risk
  • How to Make Smart Business Structure Choices
  • Systems to Put You in Control of Your Personal and Business Finances
  • Up-to-minute Strategies for AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) That No One Else Will Tell You
  • And Much, Much More!

We add cutting edge content to this private, members only website several times every week. After your 30-day free trial period you will be re-billed $9.97/month to maintain your membership. You can cancel at any time. I’m personally committed to teaching you how to save on your taxes and immediately put more cash in your pocket. Myr goal is to give you such incredible value that you’d be crazy to ever want to cancel, but of course, the choice is yours. You can cancel at any time, without hassles or hard feelings, just by dropping us an email or a phone call.

As a member of the First Class Lounge, you’ll receive:

  • Full access to participate in the TaxLoopholes’ Blog
  • Preview new eBooks written by me and the TaxLoopholes team of tax and asset protection specialists
  • Membership in the TaxLoopholes’ Reader’s Club with dozens of additional reports, strategies, and forms you can use for your business and investments.
  • Weekly online workshops
  • Exclusive access to me to ask and get your questions answered through my weekly online workshops
  • Tax and Wealth Strategies that you won’t hear about anywhere else
  • 10% off all products and select seminars
  • COMING SOON! Keep watch for new and exciting additional benefits in the First Class Lounge.

What have you missed by not being part of the First Class Lounge? Here are some the latest online workshops that have been featured:

  • 12 Hot New Tax-Saving Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • When Does Asset Protection Become TOO Many Entities?
  • Is it a Vacation Home or an Investment Property?
  • Basics of Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Advanced Depreciation Strategies
  • Business Structure Maintenance and the Taxes You Might Not Know About Until it’s Too Late
  • Real Estate Tax Strategies During the Mortgage Meltdown

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