Making Money in the Information Age

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I’m writing this Fri night (to post Sat AM) after the 2nd day of the October Tax Strategy Camp. I always try to have one guest who teaches something outside the normal tax/asset protection realm. This seminar I was fortunate to have Rob Fore, a super affiliate.

We all just begged him to keep teaching. It was all you could do to just keep up with all the gems. Oh, yeah, just do this and that and you should make $1,000 tonight. Oh, yeah, I do that sometimes, but I haven’t checked the site in 6 months – still brings in about $5,000 per month though.

Those are the kinds of statements that Rob was saying and it all made perfect sense! In 7 steps he laid out exactly what you needed to do to build an affiliate business. Basically, that means you buy traffic from the Internet, as cheap as possible, and then sell them with the highest conversion rate. But, you’re selling someone else’s stuff so you don’t have employees, overhead or inventory. Sweet.

Like Rob says, it’s like standing in front of a train. If you’ve got the right track, it’s pretty hard to NOT get hit by the train full of money.

I guess the point of all of this, is this is a way of making money that most people don’t even know about. So, while many in the country are worrying about lost income, deflated 401(k) accounts, and shrinking assets, there are others who are making more money, easier than ever before. What do you need to get started? You need about $1,000, a computer and high speed internet access. That’s it.

Business has changed. The real question is, will we change to keep up with it?

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