Maui Lesson Number Five: Learn to Act in the PRESENCE of Your Fears

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Fear is a natural physiological reaction. We all experience it at various moments in our lives. The only problem occurs if we lock onto our fears by IDENTIFYING with them. It’s when we see our fears as WHO WE ARE that we have a host of painful consequences that flow from that choice.

You are not your fear. Your fear is such a small part of you that can be enlarged or shrunk in importance. If you fight your fear or identify with it, it blows up in size to crowd out any other part of you. At that moment, it can seem like all you are.

Instead, if you remove the fear from you by detached observation of how your physical body is reacting and the stories and meanings you are making up in your head that feed that fear you’ll quickly work your way through it.

Learn to take action while feeling fear and you’ll be the one in charge of your life—not some socialized fear you’ve picked up over the course of your life.

So the next time you meet with a seller of an apartment building and your heart is racing, simply notice how interesting it is that you’re feeling scared. Ask yourself what thoughts are you thinking that make the fear more real, or what thoughts could you imagine you need to think in order to feel this way. And then slowly ease yourself along acting in the presence of your fear.

The biggest benefit you’ll learn is to not be so scared of FEELING the emotion called fear. So many of us would do almost anything not to feel afraid.

I look back in my life at the opportunities I’ve passed on and the experiences I’ve missed because at that time it was more important to me to avoid feeling afraid than it was for me to step out and seize those opportunities.

The last few years has been a remarkable time for me as I’ve gone out of my way to find opportunities to experiment doing things that scare me so I can learn to act when my physiology screams “FEAR!” (I will make it clear that I make intelligent choices about what things to do or not do in light of consequences. But interestingly enough, the thing I noticed in my past I’d do the most to avoid was rejection and humiliation. So it’s now easy for me to face these twin dangers with PHYSICAL safety—I just go say hello to a stranger, or tell someone I love them, or any of a number of different things that deal with relationships.)

Where are some relatively safe areas you can push your comfort level with fear in the next 21 days?

What one thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?

One of the things I had always dreamed of was creating a powerful mastermind alliance with wealthy, successful business leaders of high integrity. This “goal” used to scare the living daylights out of me. I’d say to myself, “Who in their right mind would want to mastermind with you? What do you bring to the table?”

I realize now how long I let fear hold me back from building what have become some of the most important relationships and friendships in my life.

What Maui Meant for Me…

Just as Maui was a significant event in David’s life, it also impacted me.

Everything changed after that first Maui. In fact, Maui Participants tend to measure time as “before Maui” and “after Maui”? That’s the sign of a significant event!

Before Maui, I felt stuck. I was bored with doing seminars and our net worth had stayed constant for the past three years.

Maui Mastermind was, for me, a way to reconnect to a higher purpose and see that it is really possible to have a vision and see it all the way through to completion. And, when you have the right people around you, you can do it in an amazingly short period of time. Some of you, I know, are experiencing the very same thing.

Afterwards, one of our Maui Faculty, Beverly Sallee and I met to talk more about the powerful connections that had been formed after that first event. The big ‘ah-ha” was a challenge that Beverly put forth. Many of us know of the abominable conditions endured by a large portion of the world’s population. But, many of us just can’t stand the thought of actually seeing it first hand. Beverly’s challenge was to forego a pleasure vacation and actually go to one of those areas and see what it really is like, first-hand. Then, figure out how to make a difference. You’ll now have the “why” of making a change. Creative people can always figure out a “how” if the “why” is compelling enough.

Richard and I took that challenge and met with Beverly in India in May 2004. We heard stories from young 12-year-old girls that had been held as slaves in prostitution and later been freed thanks to the direct contribution that Beverly made. We visited a re-settlement village an hour outside of Delhi where thousands of people lived without electricity, water, sewer…they didn’t even have doors and windows on their hovels. And, since there is no transportation, they have no way to change their circumstances. We saw poverty so desperate that you felt it, heard it, smelled it and even tasted it. And, for the first time in my life, it was not too much for me. I knew, with complete certainty, that the powerful contacts I had made through Maui 2003 could transform if not the whole world, at least this one little piece of it.

That visit to the resettlement village in India felt overwhelming. It didn’t seem possible that we could possibly make a dent in the overwhelming poverty. So it was a relief when we heard about the results from a contribution we’d made from Maui Mastermind. It was for an orphanage in Juarez, Mexico that just recently lost their property in a land dispute. The $10,000 donation came just in the nick of time and was enough to save 15 children age 2 – 16 from having to survive on the street. We took a film crew down because we knew this was a story we had to capture. But, what we didn’t count on was having our heart captured by David, a 13 year old boy living at the orphanage. Six months after we met him, he became Richard’s and my son.

It seems a little anticlimactic to talk about the other change that occurred. As I was doing the background research for “How to Be a Billionaire” (how to turn $200,000 into 1 billion dollars in 10 years or less), I realized how possible a goal this big really was and, after seeing the impact in India, I now have my “why.” Richard & I also saw where the hole was in our own wealth-building plan. We weren’t thinking big enough on maximizing the home loopholes.

So, we sent an email to our Phoenix realtor and told her we want to find a real estate deal within 15 minutes of our (then) Phoenix-based office with a big backyard for our three dogs. I thought that she’d come back with a house that was in the $200K – $300K range that could be changed and sold for $500K. Well, she sent a few of those along and then sent, in rapid succession, three emails about one property.

The property is a 7800 SF mansion built on 1.25 acres in Paradise Valley. Paradise Valley (PV) is a very upscale part of the Phoenix area and this home is located near the edge, so it’s within 15 minutes of the airport and downtown Phoenix. We ended up buying it for $1.1 mill. We put about $300,000 into the property and it now appraises at $2.8 mill.

What Maui Meant to the Participants…

I’ve already shared many of the insights and lessons past Maui participants learned both in this email and in other emails I’ve sent to you. If I had to bottom-line the single most important benefit they got from the event (at least as I understand it from having traded emails and seen them at several of our workshops over the past few years) was how powerfully it touched their lives to live for five days in the company of fellow investors who only saw them as all they were meant to be.

Can you imagine how powerful that would be to be with a small group of people who wouldn’t say, “You can’t do that.” Or, “That’s not possible.” But to instead be connected in with a peer group of positive doers who are totally committed to playing full out.

It really created the environment where people were able to safely make major changes in their lives that have dramatically improved the quality of their lives and their futures. And ultimately, this was exactly what Maui was all about.

What Maui Could Mean to You…

If you’re still reading through this letter I bet you have a pretty strong sense of why so many Maui participants recognized the value in signing up for a second, third, fourth, even fifth time.

Due to a few spots suddenly becoming open, you have one final chance to attend Maui 2007.

In a moment I’ll walk you through all the details.

Before I do that though, I want to be clear that the rest of this letter isn’t going to be for everyone. In fact, it will probably be for just the top 1 percent of our clients and students to even read. But that’s OK. We wanted this unique event to be something special, and to make sure that only the most successful of our clients attended.

In addition to the hefty price tag (more on this in a moment), David and I will personally be interviewing and selecting the final client we are allowing to come.

Why are we keeping Maui so small?

Because we understand, just like you do, that an event like this will be a huge success and produce incredible results for the people we invite ONLY by us bringing together a highly select group of high achievers. In fact, while there will be advanced workshop sessions each day, I personally think the biggest benefit that you’ll get will come from the mastermind sessions with the other participants. That’s what the Maui participants told me.

Remember this event isn’t just about learning more “how to” techniques. To be frank, that’s not what it really takes to get you to the highest levels of success.

Rather, the real purpose of this event is to saturate your mind with wealth producing thoughts and associations so that you literally attract more wealth into your life.

Think about that for a moment. Take any magnet and rub it against any other piece of metal. Soon that second piece of metal will become a magnet too.

That’s a great analogy for you to think about for this week long mastermind event.

By carefully screening every person we invite to come to the event you are GUARANTEED only to come into contact with like minded wealth ACHIEVERS.

This is the single biggest secret to making money. It’s so easy to make money when you understand the truth and power of your peer group to program you for success.

PLEASE hear me on this one. I fought it for years thinking I could do it alone. I was so stubborn and I was so dumb.

Why do you think that Napoleon Hill, author of the groundbreaking best-seller, Think and Grow Rich, said that the single most important ingredient for financial success was association in a mastermind partnership with other success minded people?

He knew, just like you know in your gut, how critical and influential other people are for your success.

It’s not going to be cheap, but you wouldn’t want to be around people who couldn’t afford the $30,000 investment. The price tag ensures that every single person in the room will be serious about creating lasting wealth. This way you’ll only be with the real “doers” who make things happen.

Some of you who are reading this understand that at only $30,000 the price is probably too cheap. I tend to agree with you. In retrospect we probably should have set the bar at $50,000 or higher. Think about it, all we are talking about here is half an average real estate deal (or even less!) or for those people with businesses, you might come away with a brand new way of doing business that jump starts a new division to create $50,000, $100,000, maybe even $250,000 worth of income.

One deal pays for the WHOLE event—and then some!

(Heck, after you let us stretch your ideas about money, one deal will probably make you over 10 times your investment to be there!)

We’ve arranged to have this be a FIRST CLASS affair. In fact, if you are one of the few selected, we’ll include your hotel accommodations and all your meals for you and the guest of your choice. This will include the special event theme parties and networking breakfasts and lunches.

It’s so important for you to understand that we won’t just be talking about making money at the event. Instead we’ll be talking about wealth in its biggest, juiciest context.

You’ll learn how to create a true balance between work, health, contribution, and relationships.

In fact, one of the most important sessions of this week long event will be where we break into teams to create strategies to donate a large chunk of the funds from this event. This is the very best way we can think to really emphasize how fun it can be to share your wealth with other people less fortunate than you are.

I trust this gives you a real sense for what it will feel like when you are at this exclusive event.

Let Uncle Sam Pay His Half!

And, of course, I need to put my CPA/Tax Strategist hat on for a second. Remember, if you have a business or are serious about your investments, it’s probably a tax deduction.

Think about it, by having your corporation or business pay for the event you’ll literally save close to half of the cost of the event.

It’s like you get a tax deductible vacation along with getting some of the most powerful business networking and consulting available!

This is another reason why David and I sometimes think the price should have been much, much higher.

Actually the biggest reason it should have a price tag of $50,000 or $100,000 or more is because I KNOW the real outcome of the five, concentrated days will be to help our Maui 2004 participants make an extra $250,000 or more in the next 12 months—EASY!

How can I be so sure of myself?

My confidence is based on working with thousands of investors over the years. I know that the only thing that holds people back from making $250,000, or $500,000, or $1 million or more each year is the lack of a consistent peer group of even wealthier and more successful role models to spend time with. That will be the real gift David, myself and the connection with the other participants will give you.

Just like for last year, David or I will personally interview every attendee for Maui 2006 to make sure we carefully selected the best blend for the event. We’ll be the ones making the final selection for the last seats.

Only A Few Spaces!

That’s all there is. After these spots, there will be no more. In fact, we already have sold tickets for 2008.

To be fair, we’ll do the interview on a first come, first serve basis. Once that one space is gone, that’s it. (Please understand our need to make this so cut and dry in order that no one gets their feelings hurt when we run out of room for the event.)

I know it may seem like we’re going overboard on this but you need to understand that the only way this event will be as powerful as we are committed to making it is by being VERY careful who we let attend. Character and financial status are contagious. By only hanging around other successful investors we know that each of the participants will reap huge returns from being at the event.

Who Are We Really Looking For?

Most of all we are looking for people who are willing to face their fears and commit to taking their investing and business to the highest levels.

Do you want more from life? More wealth, deeper relationships, greater health, powerful and fulfilling spiritual life—more of all the biggies that make life such a gift?

We are also looking for someone who will be a positive presence to the group and is committed to making an impact on the world, whether this be by getting a friend to smile or funding a literacy program or volunteering at their local women’s shelter. We are looking to turn Maui 2006 into a step in making a dramatic improvement in the world both by sharing the abundance we are collectively creating AND by being a model for creating wealth.

We Are Matching Your Commitment to Give to the Greater Good

David and I are totally committed to making Maui Mastermind a wave of good and light that touches the world in healing and powerful ways.

If you’re ready to commit to a meeting with high level do-ers in an environment that will push you even higher (and even though the details aren’t worked out), please call Amy at 866-214-6619 to go on our interview list. Remember going on the list means committing to following-through. If you can’t make that commitment, please don’t make the call to get on the list.

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