Maui Lesson Number One: The Power of Association

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During his lifetime, Andrew Carnegie was the world’s wealthiest person. When interviewed in his later life about what specific insights he had that allowed him to create and share such vast wealth Carnegie replied, “No man is smart enough to project his influences very far into the world without the friendly cooperation of other men.

This thought hone in every way you can for it is sufficient unto itself to open the door to success in the higher brackets.

As far as I’m concerned, the man’s got a way with words!

Hidden within Carnegie’s words and example is the real edge that allows some people to out-earn others by a factor of 10,000 to 1. Before I share this “secret” with you, I just want to take a moment to lay out what you’ll get when you master its application.

You’ll find that succeeding becomes easy and natural. In fact, it will become like breathing air, something you do without effort.

You’ll find that your life will FEEL more satisfying. Your relationships with other people will get both more particular and more significant.

You’ll find that you will literally have become a money magnet, attracting into your life the people and circumstances to build great wealth.

You’ll find that you’ll put all that wealth into healthy purposes where you benefit others, many of whom you’ll never meet or even know about.

So just what is the secret ingredient that will allow you to unlock the door to all this greatness? It’s called a MASTERMIND GROUP and it is one of the most powerful tools to building a healthy and successful life ever discovered.

Mastermind Group: An alliance of two or more people who work together for the achievement of a definite purpose in a spirit of mutually harmony and cooperation

Napoleon Hill, author of one of the most important self-help bestsellers of all time, once said that the two things every successful man and woman had in common were a burning desire to attain their definite chief goal, and a mastermind alliance that helped them accomplish this goal.

In today’s world, we already know the power of a person’s PEER GROUP to influence him or her in a thousand different ways. I know you have experienced this subtle but powerful influence in your own life.

Have you ever hung around a group of negative, stressed out, unhappy, whining people? How did you feel when you spent time with them? Did you observe that the more they griped and complained the more you felt negative and critical?

How about the opposite experience? Have you ever spent time with quality individuals who looked at life through the eyes of eagerness and joy and faith? How did you feel and act when you were with these people?

My guess is, if you’re like thousands of people I’ve worked with over the years that you really have had tangible experiences of how your peer group’s attitude and belief systems rubbed off on you.

To me, this is one of the most exciting things. Just imagine, you can install any belief system you choose that supports you in growing and succeeding in life simply by carefully cultivating a peer group of other people who exemplify this set of belief systems! WOW! This is hugely powerful.

We’re not talking “positive thinking” here, or “affirmations”, although I personally think both are great tools. Instead we’re talking about an easy way to totally reprogram yourself for success.

But there is one catch, and it’s a doozy… You have to convince these other successful people to want to hang out with you!

And, the success speaks for itself.

But before you think we made it easy for ourselves in the past by bringing 48 cookie-cutter “successes” to Maui, let me be very clear that we purposefully choose a diverse group that included medical professionals, several entrepreneurs, a gaggle of real estate investors, a couple of attorneys, some CPAs, several rags-to-riches multimillionaires, best-selling author, two police officers, a movie producer, several corporate America executives, and a few beginning investors who had to beg, borrow and scrape up their tuition to be there in Maui.

The point I’m trying to make is that the group was a mixture of ages, incomes, educational backgrounds, and business successes. And by the end of each event they have woven together into a tight knit band of mastermind partners who were equally committed to supporting each other’s efforts to create lasting wealth.

Let Me Set the Scene for You…

It starts on a Sunday night with a welcome party overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The breeze brought in the scent of the ocean.

Within minutes, you can’t get a word in edgewise as “best friends for life” meet each other for the first time. Again and again, I am struck by how quickly the group get to know each other.

All of the participants were unsure of exactly what to expect and what David and I would ask of them over the five days. (Boy were they in for a few surprises!)

The caliber of ideas that flew back and forth during the five days was amazing. I’ve been involved with other mastermind groups over the years, but there was something magical about the chemistry involved with this group where each idea caused the next to jump to a higher level.

We literally came up with dozens of business ideas and strategies designed not to make just a few hundred thousand dollars, but to make millions and tens of millions of dollars.

In fact, I talked with one Maui participant who just put a 126-unit apartment building under contract using the skills he and his partner fine-tuned in Maui. He and his partner plan on holding the property for two to five years and then reselling for a net profit of over $1.5 million!

And while they wait, the property will have a net, positive cashflow of $300,000 per year (and be totally managed by a professional company!)

That’s why I’m writing to you. You see, with the right team, we’ll be able to come up with even more million dollar ideas together. That’s where you come in.

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