Maui Lesson Number Two: Deal or Dog?

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While there is nothing wrong with single family houses (after all, they’ve made me millions of dollars) at a certain point in an investor’s career it is important that you learn the skills to step up and play in the game of BIG deals.

One of our focuses in Maui is on exactly how our participants can do this. Many of the participants come to Maui with no clear understanding of how to do the hard number calculations for determining whether a big deal was a winner or loser.

At Maui they learn that “running the numbers” is easy and straightforward if they have a simple system for sorting through the excess data to lay out only the necessary figures and to filter out all the rest.

A critical lesson that has come out of the Maui Mastermind events is developing a reliable, gut level process, based on simple metrics, that consistently allows you to know if a deal or business is a winning deal or a losing dog.

New this year, we’ve added two tracks of education: a real estate-based track and a business-based track. In both cases, it’s not all about the numbers. There is a lot more to having a successful Level 3 business or investment. But, there is a trick here. You have to be able to understand the numbers first, before you can use them. That’s why David and all of our Maui Faculty use accelerated learning techniques to quickly bring you up to speed on what you need to make informed decisions.

One business owner spent just 30 minutes working on his business during the very first day and said he had already found a way to unlock another $300,000 in his business! This was something that was staring him right in the face, but he’d never had the tools before to see the hidden gold.

My gut tells me that about 95% of you who are reading this special report fear that you’ll make a mistake and take a losing deal. This fear is not only normal, but it makes perfect sense because very few of us are trained to know how to analyze big deals.

Here’s the best part though: when you really understand how to layout and sort the information about a big deal, especially how to disregard the 90+ percent of the information which is just “noise” and not important, the decision about whether or not to move forward with the deal is a simple one.

When you really understand these key principles you’ll find yourself making decisions with ease and total confidence.

Think back to a time in your life where you made a great decision to move forward with a project or deal or commitment you KNEW was the right thing. Remember the feeling of congruence and power that flowed from your decision to act now? This is the power that Maui Mastermind taps into for the participants.

The key is to analyze big deals and your business is to use a three pronged approach. The first is to lay out the quantifiable part of the deal. Usually at that point the merits of the deal became obvious.

The second approach to the deal is the “sweetener” side. There are literally over 50 ways to take an average investment or business opportunity and leverage it into a huge, passive cashflow generator for yourself. We spend hours in Maui on this often overlooked area.

The third approach to the deal is the financing side of the deal. Maui participants learned the hidden power behind structuring the financing to create cashflow enhancers and equity elixirs. Often times all it takes with a business, for example, is using one of the 72 strategies we have for immediately creating more cash flow.

One very important layer of Maui is to help each participant build the technical skills of deal creation, evaluation, and execution.

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