Multiple Streams of Income From Your Business

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Does Your Business Have Hidden Assets?

I find that weekends are often the best time to step away from the day-to-day part of the business and investments, and just reflect. I’ve got my schedule set up right now so that I have client appointments on Tuesday, 1/2 day Wed and Thurs, so I generally get to start my weekend a little earlier. I’m writing this on Friday and today I’m thinking about what assets I have in my business and new ways to create more sources of income.

When I look at the balance sheet for TaxLoopholes, I see the usual assets: Cash, Money Market Account, Notes Receivable (what people owe TaxLoopholes), Inventory, Equipment, Furniture and the like. The biggest asset of all doesn’t even show up – the TaxLoopholes community. And how about the 25+ years of tax strategy experience that I personally have? Where do these assets show up on my financial statement. They don’t.

The first step to developing multiple streams of income from your business is identifying those hidden assets. What assets do you and your business have? What methods, systems, experience and knowledge are unique to you and your business? Take some time in the next few days to list out what assets you really have. You may already be richer than you know.

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