New Rules for Tax Preparers

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The IRS has pushed back its requirement for paid tax preparers to receive special licensing. It was slated to start this year, but if an existing unlicensed tax preparer has a PTIN (special number we get from the IRS), they get a one-year reprieve.

  1. That reprieve is not available for California and Oregon state returns, however. Only CPAs, attorneys, Enrolled Agents and special state designed licensed preparers can prepare tax returns in those states.
  2. Tax preparers must also comply with new checklist requirements for any taxpayer who receives the earned income credit. The IRS appears to finally be taking positive steps to reduce the huge amount of fraud in this area.
  3. Tax preparers who prepare more than 10 individual returns in 2012 must use electronic filing.

Lots of changes coming to the way professionals prepare your return and soon even you, can do it.

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