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Even if you’re not quite ready to start your business or real estate, you still need to get your tax return prepared. And, as simple as you might think it is, there is a lot that can go wrong. Keep reading for more information on a positive step you can take right now to make sure you’re getting all the deductions you should.

The GAO (General Accounting Office) surveyed 500,000 tax returns and found that over half were done wrong! These weren’t complicated business returns. They were Form 1040, Individual Income Tax Returns. Now here’s the part that really gets me. They discovered that most of them had OVERPAID their taxes due to simple errors. Based on that sample, they determined that every year the American taxpayers overpay their taxes by a HALF BILLION dollars.

So, the question for you is: How much of that money was yours?

One of my DKAffiliated accountants has just expanded his practice to include Form 1040 preparation — even if you don’t yet have a business or real estate investments.

Please don’t hesitate if you want to work with someone who understands loopholes and is ready to set you up for bigger and better success. Please contact Laura at 888-471-8032 today to get first in line for this great offer. You can also email Laura at [[(

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